Joe DeShon

Joe DeShon

Pendergrass, GA, United States

About Joe DeShon

I have worked in corporate America for more than 40 years. A trained musician. Born and raise in Missouri, but now a transplanted Georgian.

A self-taught artist, with a special interest in the drip and action style of Jackson Pollack.

Much of my art contains muted, earthy tones with a splash of color. They are designed to go along with any style of décor and any color scheme in your home or office.

Most of my art is rich in texture; they must be touched with your fingers to be appreciated! But you won't find brushstrokes in my paintings, the result of my never-touch-the-canvas philosophy of dripping and splattering paint on a horizontal canvas, a-la-Pollack!

Just as a jazz musician starts an improvised melody without fully knowing exactly what it will be when it is completed, each of my paintings is a unique fingerprint on canvas which literally paints itself as gravity, wind, and kinetic energy come together to create a unique work of art, just for you.

Treat yourself to some original artwork on canvas. You and your home or office deserve it!


Bachelor in Music Education.
MBA in Marketing.
Vast amounts of training in computer programming.
Art education? Well, my roommate in college was an art major; does that count?