Joe Rocky Holey

Joe Rocky Holey

Leeds, United Kingdom

About Joe Rocky Holey

I live and work in Leeds, UK. My work focuses on a great many themes but with children at the centre of it. As a delivery component. The subject may be central to the point or may not. I've spent a great deal of years producing portraiture and figurative drawings and paintings as commission pieces. I also write a lot. Splintering both writing and art helps me produce artwork. Anything from little jokes to rants, I try and fit them in here and there. The 'child' as focus for most of my work acts as an anchor point. The whimsy can develop without much explanation. That's another paradox I like about my work; it can envelope a great deal of meanings but still be warranted as simple at the same time.

If you would like to contact me, I can take messages through social media.


I studied Graphic Design at degree level many years ago, but feel it irrelevant at this stage and dont reckon it a major influence over my work.

I listen to a great deal of 1970s italian progressive rock music and british comedy. These bear a bigger influence on my work.