John Crosley

John Crosley

Seattle, WA, United States

About John Crosley

I am a photographer who has taken in the past 12 years, over est. 2 million images, mostly street, with many shown previously under various host sites to over est. 200 million counted viewers.

I practiced law very successfully in Silicon Valley, CA for nearly two decades; retiring at about age 40.

I am a graduate of NYC's Columbia College, Columbia University.

As editor/writer/photographer, I won the Lebhar-Friedman Publishing Blue Chip award for excellence in writing, editing, and photography. For law,I won a variety of awards and special recognition. I attended law school in Silicon Valley, graduating with honors and founding my own Silicon Valley law firm, from which I retired in the late 1980s. I have worked side by side with over a half dozen Pulitzer prize-winning photographers, was shot once, and later medically evacuated from Vietnam while photographing the war there.

Self-taught in photography, later, among others, I have been mentored by the following:
1. Henri Cartier-Bresson
2. Sal Vader, Pulitzer winner, Associated Press
3. Wes Gallagher, President/Ceo of Associated Press who groomed me to replace him as A.P. head.
4. Sam Walton, Wal-Mart founder who tried to lure me into his smaller company, now the world's largest. retailer.
5. Walter Baring, Peabody award winner, WRVR-FM NYC's premier cultural radio station.
6./ A variety of great photographers, many Pulitzer winners, including many also from Associated Press,/
Many were Vietnam war colleagues from my freelancing the Vietnam war; others from AP
NYC world headquarters.
I took H C-B's advice: 'Shoot for yourself, John,' to avoid photo work that would require shooting in a special style. not my own. HCB's s generous, helpful advice also resulted in a career with AP wire service as a world news writer and editor, world service, Associated Press world headquarters, NYC.
6. Michel Karman, Lucie Award photo printer and photo exhibition genius.
ent in two 'wars' -- the Vietnamese War, and a prisoner of war taken by Russian separatists in the current Ukrainian--Russian Separatist battles that killed over 10,000 and displaced over 1 million.

While writing and as a worldwide photo editor for Associated Press, I was asked to understudy their CEO (worldwide General Manager), to become successor general manager on his retirement, but declined the position.

I live the lifestyle of a photographer and am proud of it.

I hope my body of work shows that devotion.

Winner: Blue Ship Award for Outstanding Photography and Writing, Lebhar-Friedman Publishing.

(John Crosley)


High school, honors graduate
Columbia College, Columbia University, NYC. B.A., Assistant to two Columbia Univ. Vice Presidents

University of Santa Clara Law School, JD, cum laude
(Silicon Valley)


Conflicts photographed:
1. Vietnam War, after Tet Offensive,, mostly in northern part, South Vietnam plus other areas, including Saigon.
2. Maidan Revolution, Ukraine
3. Russia-Ukrainian war/armed conflict where I briefly was held captive after photographing wreckage of Malaysian Airliner shot down by Russian-fired Buk missile.


Wetzlar, Germany, 2004, Group Exhibition
Internet site views between 200 million and 300 million views
Featured 'Emerging Artist',, April 2018.
Author: "John Crosley, Forty Years Capturing Life With a Camera'. A&I Publishing.2010.
Six more photo books pending, each 95 percent complete
One combination trade book/university photo text, on shooting 'street' style.