Jolanta Johnsson

Jolanta Johnsson

Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland

About Jolanta Johnsson

I am artist from Poland. Living in Warsaw. I am working with oil, acrylic, mixed techniques on paper, drawing and graphics. Oil on canvas dominate in my work. Figurative compositions and landcape motives are two themes which are of the same importance for me. In both I want to convey feeling of space. Space as a symbol of everything which is beyond the reality of our senses. I would like that my painings are full of meanings.
I would like my paintings to be ambiguous, so that they do not convey something directly, that they intrigue the viewer and invite them to think and interpret indyvidually my pictures.

For two years I am the owner of my own graphics press, which is located in a graphic studio in my home in Sweden, where I spend summer months. Summer is a period of hard work for me - works on paper are being created. I paint paintings in Warsaw. In this rhythm of artistic work, I have been living for several years. Time goes by and my art is changing. The question where it will lead me is always up to date.


1984–1989 the Academy of Fine Arts – Warsaw Poland, graphic faculty – graphic atelier of Halina Chrostowska and Rafał Strent, painting classes with Jerzy Tchórzewski

2012 – PhD in Art of the Academy of Fine Arts, Cracow, Poland

Teacher at European Department of Fine Arts at Vistula University in Warsaw – the printmaking and the graphic design courses


Interview with artist


2018 DAP 2 Gallery, The Artist’s House, Warsaw
Konsthal Kisa, Kisa, Sweden
Gallery DAP 2, The Artist’s House, Warsaw
Karwacjan & Gładysz Castle – Museum, Gorlice, Poland
2017 Center for Culture Promotion South Praga District, Warsaw
2016 COEK Studio, Ciechanów
2014/2015 European Art Faculty Gallery, Vistula University, Warszawa
2014 Skådebanan, Linköping Gallery, Sweden
Gallery U, The Inauguration of the Year of Culture in Ursynów, Warsaw

2013 Gallery Kisa, Kisa, Sweden
Gallery Boxholm Library, Boxholm, Sweden
Gallery DAP 2, Lufcik, ZPAP Warszawa, Poland
Gallery on 1st Floor, ZPAP Łódź, Poland

2010 Van Golik Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

2007 Art Depot Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
The Palace of Art, Kraków, Poland

2006 Forma Gallery, Warszawa, Poland

2003 Test Gallery, Warszawa, Poland
Art Three Times Gallery Warszawa, Poland

2001 The Artist’s House, Ursynów, Warszawa, Poland

1998 Test Gallery, Warszawa, Poland
City Gallery – Arsenał, Poznań, Poland

1995 Test Gallery, Warszawa, Poland

1994 Girardet Gallery, Essen, Germany

1993 Pestka Gallery, The Etnographic Museum, Warszawa, Poland

1991 Saabs Konstförening, Linköping, Sweden

1989 Gallery MB, Stockholm, Sweden

1988 Kulturhuset, Nässjö, Sweden