Joshua Benmore

Joshua Benmore

Essex, London, United Kingdom

About Joshua Benmore

Joshua Benmore

HONEST ESCAPISM fine art paintings and new media pieces.

A romanticized exploration of life’s natural happiness and challenges. Depicting an illustrated portrayal of organic, sensitive, thoughts and narratives alongside pop inflicted, vibrant imagery. I aim to look into the realness of human nature, emotions and indulgences whether they be deep rooted messages or light hearted, humorous pieces.

Themes of my work include the state of the world, politics, equality and consumerism whilst hinting at popular iconography and symbols. My most recent work has begun to explore in greater depth my feelings of just living in this world,  growing up, mental health and the challenges this can bring. You can find hints and narrative of my personal and relatable experience with these subjects scattered throughout my work.

As someone who suffers from various invisible illnesses, I find myself as an artist intrigued by bringing out beauty from what may be seen as the opposite.  Colour filled pieces, act as a cheery facade of scaffolding over artworks holding sincere messages to its viewers. I like to juxtapose and subvert my themes not always in a completely literal sense so that viewers minds can pull out a personal meaning to themselves and question their own thoughts and stories.

Vibrant scenes and landscapes in my work sometimes require deeper consideration in their underlying uneasiness or joyous exterior. Exploring sense of self, belonging and nostalgia, messages of strength and positivity creep their way into my work, scratched into paint layers. Signs of encouragement - like a glimmer of sunshine hold the pieces up. Titles of my artwork such as "Flowers will grow again", "the sun will come back" and "the light through the dark" are prime examples. I bring flowers into my work as I find they are a nurturing and natural comfort to grow over my artwork and they mimic the human in many ways.

Consumer culture and branding is another theme, which I love to pair in my work including the idea of the search for happiness in life alongside the 'American Dream' and inner peace.

I want people to look at my work and feel a moment, a memory, a comforting nostalgia. Using colours and subjects that feel like they are somewhat of a fleeting memory or sudden, unfiltered thought. Specially in my new and upcoming work where I have begin experimenting with my media applications and process more - binding the line of realism, figurativeness and abstract. My eyes seem to see everything more saturated and vibrant which help lead my work into almost a dream state.

My imagery takes inspiration from many things I love including music and mid century modern (design, architecture, fashion) - which are significant subjects in my artistic identity. My love for fashion, graphics and pop surrealism has meant my artistic style has been able to progress and branch out to new methods of image making. I want aspects of my work to keep hold of that organic childlike quality of how children draw freely or say things without filter - just intuition. Little notes and thoughts are found among my work to compliment the narrative behind the piece and so viewers can find something new every time they look at an artwork.

Listed in 35 Under 35 – Rising Stars (Artists to invest in) – Saatchi Art

Joshua’s artwork is featured in the homes of worldwide Art Collectors and aims to bring them joy and inspiration whenever they view it.

"My work isn't just a photo or  painting - its a feeling of nostalgia, romance, dreams and freedom - a paradise of my own."  

"Spectacularly good with a charming naivety" - Michael Woolley


Falmouth University. Fashion Photography
TTC. Fine Art


Saatchi Rising Stars “35 Under 35” Artists to Invest In. 2020
The Other Art Fair LA. 2020
Zebra One Gallery. ‘We’re All In This Together’. 2020
Saatchi Featured Collection and printed Catalogues. 2019
Radisson Red Artist of the Month. 2018
Noctis Magazine. Cosmic Issue. 2017
Picture This. Hoxton Gallery. London. 2016.
Picture This part II. Falmouth 2016
Wonderland. Essex 2013
Young Artists Upcoming. Chelmsford. County Hall. 2012
The Triangle. Frinton. 2012