Jos Kaarsemaker

Jos Kaarsemaker

Hoorn, Netherlands

About Jos Kaarsemaker

In the period 1975 – 1980, Jos Kaarsemaker studied at the Academy for Visual Arts in Rotterdam. He followed the education in spatial design and idea development there. After his studies he worked one year for the Archaeological Service of the Municipality of Rotterdam.
In the years that followed, he worked with a few colleagues in a studio in the former Emmahuis in the center of the city of Rotterdam and regularly exhibited at various locations throughout the country.
He also realized a number of assignments in the public space. In 1996 he settled in the municipality of Hoorn.
In the years 1996 - 2015 he was involved in archaeological research in the West Netherlands in addition to his visual art practice. In this context he also made various types of visual materials for archaeological publications and worked as an image editor.

His sculptures are characterized by the use of various materials, material combinations and a number of regularly recurring themes. In recent years he often makes works in bronze.

Alcoves, transparency, passages and packaging are some recurring themes in his work.
Gates and transitions have a wide variety of appearances in nature and architecture. They are characterized by physical or mental and spiritual barriers.
Both physically and mentally they always provide a field of tension, characterized by the familiar and otherwise the unknown and uncertain.
The most important characteristics of packaging, concealing and revealing, are powerful visual means to imagine an idea. Everything in life is more or less packed, deliberately or as a natural characteristic.
The images with these themes as a subject emerge from research into various forms that gates and packaging have, and research into the role they play in spiritual life. --------------------------------------------

Work related to contemporary art:

1994 – 2003
curator - Foundation Art manifests, The Hague.
2000 - 2004
Workgroup redesign center area Risdam Noord,
Municipality of Hoorn.
2004 - 2008
curator - Artists Association Hoorn & surroundings.
2007 - 2008
curator – Art in public space, Municipality of Heiloo.
2010- present
Foundation In the beginning, Hoorn.
1995 - present
Design and execution of visual material, image editing,
illustrations, topographical maps and exhibitions design,
for various clients in the field of archaeology.
2014 - present
committee work Artists Association Hoorn & surroundings. -------------------------------------

Assignments visual art in public space:

Municipality of Velsen, Santpoort Zuid --
Municipality of Voorburg, HTM tram line 3 --
CBK Rotterdam, project assignment --
Montessorischool – Haarlem, sketch assignment --
RSG Comprehensive school - Enkhuizen, sketch assignment --
Municipality of Drechterland, sketch assignment bridge railings --
Municipality of Heiloo - Zuiderloo design assignment playground --


In the period 1975 – 1980, Jos Kaarsemaker studied at the Academy of Visual Arts in Rotterdam.


EXHIBITIONS (after 2000 )

2004 - Boterhal - Hoorn
- Open Stable, Enchantment in Architecture - Oldeberkoop
2006 - Gallery Bel-etage, Installation - Amsterdam
2007 - Gallery Op de Zeebodem - Slootdorp
2008 - Boterhal, member exhibition - Hoorn
- Kulturmodell - Passau / Germany
2011 - Boterhal, member exhibition - Hoorn
- 'Space, time, people and perception'
Imagination of the biography of the landscape.
New housing plan and archaeological research
Heiloo - Zandzoom Zuiderloo.
work at various locations
- Art moment - Diepenheim
2012 - 'The wonder of being', ID + ART - Hamme / Belgium
- 'Dutch people come to the water'
Theme derived from a Herman de Man story.
Association Krimpenerkunstwaard - Krimpenerwaard
2013 - 'Carriers & Containers', Vitrine exhibition – Boterhal, Hoorn
2015 - Boterhal, member exhibition - Hoorn
- Design competition, Buitendijk wierde - North coast Pieterburen
- The Hague Art Circle - The Hague
2016 - Gallery De Kapberg - Egmond
2017 - Artzaanstad - Zaanstad
- Boterhal, member exhibition - Hoorn