Joy O'Brien

Joy O'Brien

Shorewood, WI, United States

About Joy O'Brien

I am a multidisciplinary artist and designer currently living and working in Milwaukee, WI. My work combines a mixture of acrylic paint, mark making, typography and collage from my collection of vintage ephemera, books and photographs. I first began exploring acrylics in 1998 after the birth of my son as a way of coping with ongoing depression. As my curiosity of other mediums and techniques grew, so did an intrinsic desire to express my personal journey into self-awareness and the influences of perception. It wasn’t until discovering collage that a door unlocked and my artistic voice began to emerge. Since then, through an autodidactic approach, I've practiced simplistic collage, paint, typography and mark making techniques while studying the works of artists like Henry Darger, Joseph Cornell, Cy Twombly and Monica Canilao.


My work has been exhibited at Var Gallery (2017), Hover Craft (2012), Design Within Reach (2006), M-80 (2006) and Made in Milwaukee (2011, 2008, 2007).