Yvette van den Boogaard

Yvette van den Boogaard

Biervliet, Zeeland, Netherlands

About Yvette van den Boogaard

Just Yvette
‘My work is about human behaviour, about how we try to connect, how we interact, how we love, how we long, how we desire, how we distract, how we look back at our personal history, how we deal with pain, how we hope for better things, how we protect ourselves behind masks. “It is a cry, it is a laugh. In a weird way it displays social issues”.’

The restless pursuit of personal identity is what best describes Just Yvette's abstract expressionist art. Yvette stays close to home for her work. Her art engages us in a layered amalgamation of deep human emotions, dormant or new, between bubbles of bliss and cries of misery. Her personal quest results in constant experimentation with the act of creating itself - the greatest good according to the artist.

By using conventional materials in unconventional ways, Yvette has established her own unique visual language; no means are off-limits. She is highly prolific and has no fear of scale. Her art, often containing personal messages in the form of handwritten texts, is rich in narrative, contrast and texture. It is imposing, bold and confronting, yet there is always an element of elegant aesthetics, a result of training in the Arts and decades of working as a designer.
Yvette lives and works in The Netherlands.


1990-1994 Royal Academy of Arts (KABK), The Hague, The Netherlands


I am constantly looking for galleries which would like to exhibit my works! Interested? Please contact me at therealjustyvette [at] gmail [dot] com.


26 April 2017 - 6 May 2017
The Crypt Gallery, London, United Kingdom
www [dot] cryptgallery [dot] org

15 April 2017 - 2 May 2017
Galleria D'Arte Mentana, Florence, Italy
www [dot] galleriamentana [dot] it

10 June 2017 - 20 June 2017
Galleria D'Arte Mentana, Florence, Italy
www [dot] galleriamentana [dot] it

4 August 2018 - 11 August 2018
Human Nature duo exhibition
't Kerkje Waterlandkerk The Netherlands

8 September 2018 - 9 September 2018
Human Nature solo exhibition
't Kerkje Waterlandkerk The Netherlands

November December 2018
Gallerie Geritse Middelburg
The Netherlands