Justyna Andrzejewska

Justyna Andrzejewska

Paris, France

About Justyna Andrzejewska

Justyna Andrzejewska is a polish photographer (born 1986 in Gniezno) graduated in 2011 from The Institute of Visual Arts University of Zielona Góra (Graphics, Faculty of Arts) with bachelor degree. She was also studying Photography at School of Photography in Jelenia Góra/ Poland, where was improving her looking ability under the supervision of Wojtek Zawadzki. With master degree she graduated from University of Arts in Poznań/Poland (Photography, Faculty of Multimedia Communication) in 2016.
Multiple participant of Wszechnica Fotograficzna and individual and collective exhibitions. Now lives in Paris.


10/2014-06/2016 Master of Arts, University of Arts in Poznań/ Poland(Photography, Faculty of Multimedia Communication)
10/2009-2010 student of The School of Photography in Jelenia Góra/ Poland
10/2009-2011 Bachelor of Arts, The Institute of Visual Arts University of Zielona Góra/ Poland (Graphics, Faculty of Arts)
10/2009-10/2010 practice as lab-worker in photography workshop of The Institute of Visual Arts University of Zielona Góra/ Poland


08/2018 ISEAS International Symposium, Finland
07/2018 Kunststichting Goedereede festival, Holland
07/2018 Nomination Concours photo 2018 pour femmes photographes Prix Pil'Ours, France


06/2016 individual exhibition "Family of Beauty" Pix house Gallery, Poznań/ Poland
06/2015 collective exhibition "The Garden of Arts” Toruń/ Poland
02/2015 presentation of site-specific installation "The Common Space" collective work with Alicja Hałaszuk, Na Przeciw Gallery, Poznań/ Poland
11/2014 presentation of site-specific installation "Sleep Life", 22nd Meeting of Open Theater STO, Nowa Sól/ Poland
09/2014 individual exhibition "The Unethical Social Chronicle", U Jadźki Gallery, Zielona Góra/ Poland
01/2013 individual exhibition "The Street Life", BWA, Zielona Góra/ Poland
01/2013, 03/2011 individual exhibition "Portraits", Galera Piekarnia Cichej Kobiety Gallery, Zielona Góra/ Poland
2009 interdisciplinar collective exhibition "The Wave", CK 105, Koszalin/ Poland
06/2008 individual exhibition of reportage photography, "Na dole" Gallery, Zielona Góra/ Poland