Kachna Lipa

Kachna Lipa

Wloclawek, Kujawy, Poland

About Kachna Lipa

Hello, I'm Kachna. I live in central Poland. I take photographs from time to time. The background of my photos or their main theme is Nature, because it is my greatest inspiration. I mainly photograph in autumn and winter, because I like my models to feel the cold... No that’s not true actually ;) I chose autumn and winter, because to me this is when Nature seems the most picturesque, the most talkative. Music and Mathematics are also my great inspirations, I believe they control the rhythm, harmony, arrangement and symmetry.
My photographs tell the story of Human Nature and Mother Nature. I'm really interested in strong and extreme Human emotions, their duality, the inner need of freedom and never ending search for something elusive, deep, immaterial or spiritual. Nature fascinates me with its beauty, intelligence, mysticism and invisible parallel world, which rolls its own course somewhere beyond the rich of a Human eye.
During my photo sessions I work hard to bring and then capture what I have imagined before in my mind. However, this is not 100% possible, so I also re-touch my photographs in the graphic programs until the final effect fully satisfies me.


~Self-taught artist
~Diploma in clothing design, annex from photography at SAPU School in Karkow
~MA in IT and Econometrics at the University of Gdansk, Poland