Kal Mansur

Kal Mansur

Pittsburgh, PA, United States

About Kal Mansur

Kal Mansur (b. 1965) is best known for his luminous wall sculptures. Materials such as paint, acrylic, and epoxy are combined and manipulated to create cohesive, elemental pieces of art. He uses transparency like a brushstroke, varying its depth and application to manipulate available light.

Mansur's acrylic sculptures are dimensional objects made of painted plexiglass. Embedded fluorescent pigments project colour through the edges. The work absorbs and reflects light, allowing the viewer to visually travel through the composition.

His latest works are pigmented and poured epoxy sculptures. Their solidity is borne out of a process combining temperature, time, and viscosity. These forces result in topographical objects that continue Mansur’s exploration of the processes that shape abstraction.

Mansur produces sculpture, painting, and large-scale installations. He completed his BFA from the University of Texas at Austin in 1990. He is represented by galleries in Canada, Europe, and the United States. His work has been commissioned by Tiffany and Company (Honolulu and Moscow), Bonjour Capital (New York), George Brown College (Toronto), Ryerson University (Toronto), the Norwegian Cruise Line, the Caribbean Cruise Line, Related Companies (New York), among others. He has studios in Toronto and Pittsburgh.


BFA University of Texas