Kamen Trifonov

Kamen Trifonov

Plovdiv, Trakia, Bulgaria

About Kamen Trifonov

I improvise, combine, search. Constantly search, find, then lose. Then find again ... Sometimes I start from nowhere and from nothing, with eyes closed, go through places that do not exist.
But I often dream of my paintings and in the morning know where to start anew. That's how I create them.
When I travel and look at Nature's contrasts and textures, light and dark, warm and cold, sharp and smooth forms, sea waves and shores, endless colors and nuances, I take all this energy and put it on the canvas, again and again.
It is magic...
I have a wonderful backyard in my house in the heart of Plovdiv city where I finish most of my paintings. A place with more than 8000 years of history. Where ancient Thracians, Romans, and all other cultures had made history, had made art. Every single step here is fulfilled with inspiration. You can see it in my works. You can feel it.
That is magic. My magic.


"National High School of Stage and Film Design" Plovdiv, Bulgaria


Last Event:
"ART Chengdu" 17 - 20 April 2014, International Art fair in China, presented 2 artworks


Last Exhibition :
"Contrasts" in Festa Pomorie Resort, Bulgaria
02.07 - 02.08.2014, presented 11 artworks