Kamil Vojnar

Kamil Vojnar

Los Angeles, CA, United States

About Kamil Vojnar

My studio is a tiny storefront, on the main street in small town, in south France. I sit in the back and make my pictures, In front I hang them on the wall and I open the door.
People come in and ask what is it that I am creating. I respond, it’s anything you want it to be. No matter what, you will always view it through the prism of your own experience. ... And so they ask, ... but what is it for you?
I answer, ... I don’t really know. It comes out this way on it’s own. It’s pushing itself through, like ... it needs to be done. I am just an instrument, channelling it down to the paper. To the paper, because it’s too late for me to learn to sculpt or play a violin.
I can say just this little, it’s not about here and now. It’s about collisions of nostalgia, melancholy, of our sepia tinted past and ... yes, ... the future, with the cold, uninspiring present.
I compose my pictures from elements, like a puzzle. I print them to different papers, collage to canvas, wood or other papers. I varnish them, I sandpaper them and varnish them again. I am making objects destined to live, and to be lived with.


School of Graphic Arts, Prague, Czech Republic, 1977-81
Art Institute of Philadelphia, USA, 1987-1988
Art Students League, NYC, USA, 1989-1991


1997 -1999 Portfolios of selected works are published in Italian ZOOM Magazine, 
VIS A VIS Magazine (Paris, France) and in Photo District News in New York

December 2005 - Opening own Gallery/Atelier space called AUTRES IMAGES 
in St. Remy de Provence, France. The place is designed to showcase own latest work

June 2006 - Portfolio of recent work exhibited in on-line version of VIS A VIS Magazine (Paris France)

October 2006 - Solo exhibition at INDEX G+ GALLERIES - Toronto, Canada

May 2007 - Second solo exhibition at INDEX G+ GALLERIES - Toronto, Canada

April 2009 - Opening second own exhibition and work place AUTRES IMAGES in Marais, in Paris, France

January 2010 - " FLYING BLIND" - Solo Exhibition at LEICA GALLERY - Prague, Czech Republic

April 2010 - Solo Exhibition in BANGWALLOP Gallery, in Salcombe, England

May 2010 - " FLYING BLIND" - Exhibition in VERVE GALLERY OF PHOTOGRAPHY, in Santa Fe, New Mexico

October 2010 - " FLYING BLIND" - Solo Exhibition at WALL SPACE Gallery - Santa Barbara, CA

September 2011 - " FLYING BLIND" - Exhibition at GALERIE BMG - Woodstock, NY

February 2012 - Part of the exhibition "DO PROCESS" at VERVE GALLERY OF PHOTOGRAPHY, - Santa Fe, New Mexico

May 2012 - My work is shown at Annenberg Center for Photography in Los Angeles, as part of DIGITAL DARKROOM project

December 2012 - "ELSEWHERE" - exhibition in OPEN SHUTTER Gallery, in Durango, CO

February 2013 - "ELSEWHERE" - exhibition in GALERIE MONTESQUIEU, - Nantes, France

June 2013 - “Kamil Vojnar - WORKS” - solo exhibition at GALLERI VULKAN, in Oslo, Norway

October 2013 - “LIFE IS A JOURNEY” - exhibition at TAG GALLERY, in Santa Monica, CA

November 2013 - ELSEWHERE” - VERVE GALLERY OF PHOTOGRAPHY,, in Santa Fe, New Mexico

March 2014 - “ELSEWHERE” - exhibition at TAG GALLERY, in Santa Monica, CA

May 2014 - “WORKS” - Exhibition at GALLERY AZOTE - Paris, France

July 2014 - part of “VOICES OFF” - Recontres d’Arles (France), Photo Festival

March 2015 - “JUST PICTURES” - solo exhibition at TAG Gallery, in Santa Monica, CA

April 2015 - “RANDOM THOUGHTS” - solo exhibition at OPEN SHUTTER Gallery, in Durango, CO