KANTFISH Emanuele Giusto

KANTFISH Emanuele Giusto

Catania, Sicily, Italy

About KANTFISH Emanuele Giusto

Emanuele Giusto Kantfish is an Italian Madrid-based digital artist who works with images, videos, installations, films and writing. He observes reality by questioning everything. For him, reality does not exist without an observer. In his artworks the “real” becomes something inspiring “more than real”.

“““I like to place these art images in the spaces of daily life or exhibitions, to generate an immediate impact that inspires to break away in an intimate seduction that induces to dream.””” -- says Kantfish. 

His images are the results of photography and a personal digital technique. They are a mix of documentary elements, reports as well as creative solution of lights and personal techniques. As a creative author he believes in the Renaissance idea of a broad and transversal culture. Deeply interested in anthropological research and philosophical points of view, he observes reality in its full complexity.

His images were published in major media in Italy, Spain, UK and USA (El País, L'Espresso, XL Weekly, Guardian, Foreign Policy, etc.). Kantfish is a journalist of the Official National Association of Italian Journalists since 2002 and worked and collaborated with international magazines and media, TV, radios, publishers and national and international agencies. He holds a degree in Law (University of Higher Education of Perugia), thesis “The therapeutic cloning as a legal problem”. He completed the “International Master of Artistic and Documentary Photography and Image Technique”, at the EFTI School of Madrid. He has published a book with the important Italian publisher Feltrinelli and worked with important social institutions around the world, such as the FAO of the United Nations (World Water Day official video). He was selected at prestigious prizes. He is currently in postproduction of his first documentary film “El Dulce Sabor del Éxito” (eldulcesabordeléxito.com). His images are distributed by agencies, galleries and agents. He also works on publishing projects for brands and institutions.


- Master in Documentary and Artistic Photography (Efti School Photography and Image Technique, Madrid, 2008-2009).
- Advanced Professional Digital Course (Efti School Photography and Image Technique, Madrid, 2008).
- Diploma Expert in Cultural Business (University of Palma de Gran Canaria, 2012).
- Course in the edition of photo-books (2017).
- Diploma “Grading with DaVinci” (Lens School, 2018).
- Law degree from the University of Perugia, Italy. Thesis “Cloning for therapeutic purposes, legal solution”, 2002.
- Registration in the Official National Association of Journalists, 2001.


- International Prize for “Plastic Arts Obra Abierta” (Las Claras Cultural Center, Plasencia - Caja Extremadura, Spain). Exhibition of “Exit Linear Movement” 150x100cm (2012).
- Finalist Roberto Villagraz Award. Report image series “Cinematographic Vision of Malawi” (2008).
- 23 International Festivals and 1 prize for the short fiction film “ALMAmATER” (2014) and the short documentary “Nobody Like Athens” (2013).
- Published at L'Espresso magazine of the "L'Espresso Group - La Repubblica". Photos, texts, videos, 2004-2019.
- Published at "El País Semanal". Report, photographs and video series from "Far West Luanda", 2010.
- Project Director in Cape Verde, PPress, published in Foreign Policy, Exame 2011.
- Editorial director project in Luanda, Angola, PPress, published in Foreign Policy, Exame 2009.
- Published at "XL Semanal”. Reports published regularly, 2003-2008.
- Fixed space “Survival manual” in Rolling Stone. Photographs, texts, 2006-2008
- Finalist “Prize of Literature De Lollis”, Sezione Saggio book edition Feltrinelli.


- Solo exhibition Madrid Design Festival, "The Travels of Kantfish", within an architectural installation, 2019.
- Collective exhibition at "Centro Cultural Las Claras de Plasencia (Cáceres)", International Prize for Plastic Arts, Catalog Artwork "Movimiento Linear de Salida”, 2012.
- Collective exhibition Madrid, Círculo de Bellas Artes, Europolis Expo, work “Sibila”, 2013.
- Collective exhibition Madrid, Galería Cero, artwork “New World”, 2013.
- Collective exhibition Madrid, 4d Arty, artwork “Nadir”, 2012, 2017.
- Collective exhibition India, National Gallery Of Art Bangalore, video projection “Water Tanzania”, 2015.
- Collective exhibition of "Quijotes por el mundo - Instituto Cervantes Madrid - En 30 ciudades del mundo". Invited artist, 2015
- Collective exhibition Asturias, ParaisuRural, artwork and audiovisual installations of “Ustica”, “Humanitas”, “Horreo Apple Tree”, 2012-2016.
- Projection VideoArt Resistencia, 2012 KomunicArte festival of the Hybrid Art Festival, 2012
- Expo, catalog in the Imprint Mgzn art project - Project funded in the Benetton's Foundation Unhate Foundation campaign, 2012