Karen Frieda Kaiser

Karen Frieda Kaiser

Denver, CO, United States

About Karen Frieda Kaiser

Born high in the Rocky Mountains in a mining town called Leadville, Colorado on October 6, 1945 My life-long career as a creative artist has given me opportunities to exhibit in Malaga, Spain, New York City, Houston, San Francisco, Denver, The California Center for the Arts Museum Show “Cultural Fusion” in North County, San Diego, and most recently a solo exhibit at Next Gallery, Denver. Numerous one-woman shows include Malaga, Spain, Houston, San Francisco, Denver and at “Archetypos” in Colorado City. Numerous group shows include Malaga, New York City, San Francisco, Denver, Aspen, Boulder, Durango and “Libre” Co. (recall “Drop City” and geodesic domes near Trinidad?) among others. I worked under my married name Kaiser-Nossaman for many years, but have re-claimed my maiden name of Kaiser.

Like so many Americans, I am from mixed cultural family and my family history is of immigration except for the Native American, of which I am quite proud. My mother was100% Finnish, and father of German and Mestizo (Native American/Spanish) I grew up living between New Mexico where I developed an affinity for Mexican and Indian Cultures and Leadville, Colorado the two-mile-high historic mining community. I was drawn to symbolism in Latin Catholic rites, the mystical rituals and arts of the Native American culture and the superstitious tales of the hard rock miners, I combine these inspirations with my own relationship between dreams, symbolic imagery and art. Interested in depth psychological work and dream analysis of Carl Jung, I studied “metaphysical” themes, occult practices and art throughout many years and was graduated from Union Institute and University in fine arts and psycho-spiritual studies. I am interested in symbols, both archetypal and personal, an avid champion of the ‘discarded’ object.. tearing down of the old and rebuilding and integrating with the new...even integrating some of my older art pieces and others discovered in thrift stores. I use a variety of media including drawing, oil, watercolor, collage and assemblage, sculpture and jewelry design including “caging” brooches (A Victorian-era technique.) I have four children and four grand-children and continues to work in my Denver and Escondido, California studios. I also spend time in Leadville in a family home as a retreat where I can be peaceful and creative amidst the stunning mountainous beauty of my homeland. I currently share my life with my partner, William Thach, a photographer.


2018 - FACE Figurative Art Convention and Expo, Miami, Florida
2017 - Traveled to Italy, visited the old water buffalo ranch owned by Baronessa Barrata and familiarized myself with the beautiful, gentle animals for future art reference.
2005 - Traveled to Rome, Italy, visited the Vatican and perused the various ruins scattered within the
wonderful city..very inspirational.

2003 - Graduated from Union Institute and University, BA Psycho-Spiritual Studies and Fine Arts.

2002 - Conference: Creativity and Madness, Sante Fe, New Mexico.

1997/98-Completed one-year independent studies Regis University Without Walls program
emphasis on art, homeopathy and Jungian studies

1994 - Certificate from C.G. Jung Foundation of Colorado in Jungian Art Therapy

1994 - Mentored Japanese exchange student, Himi Minagawa 3 months

1992 - Certificate from Jung Association of Therapists and Teachers as certified Jungian Therapist
specializing in Jungian dream work.

1991 - Completion of two-year course of study in Fundamentals of Jungian Psychology, covering
Jung's Collected Works and various contemporary Jungian scholars.

1988 - Art trip to Malaga, Spain for six weeks to mount a two-person exhibit with Robert Harvey at
the Cortijo Bacardi Corporation

1987 - Art trip to Malaga, Spain to visit artist friend Robert Harvey and painted together in his
Macharaviaya home studio for two weeks.

1984 - Art trip to Athens, Greece. attended nineteen day intensive on Classical Homeopathy by
George Vithoulkas in Alonissos, Greece.

1982-86 150 hours homeopathic studies, emphasis on homeopathic remedy "types" and "typology"

1981 - 1992-Completed more than the minimum two-year’s work with Dream Analysis for Jungian
work and further study programs. Dr. Gary Toub, Dr. Claudine Jeanrenaud and Dr. Jeff Raff, all
directly in line with Mary Louise Von Franz and C. G. Jung (6° of Separation)

1980 - “Achievement in Art” Award Consciousness - Transcendental Meditation Center

1973 - 1983 Private study, apprenticeships, assistant positions Including

° Judy Chicago, Portland, OR; Jon Zahourek, Len Chmiel, Buffalo Kaplinski, Charles Reid, Denver,
CO; Stanton Englehart, Durango, CO; Robert Harvey, Malaga, Spain; Claudine Jeanrenaud (now of
Quito, Ecuador among others as well as various group workshops nationally.

° Attended classes at: Otero Jr. College, freshman (Marjorie Bevlin); University of Denver,
sophomore (Vance Kirkland); Loretto Heights, University of Colorado, Denver, and two non-
consecutive years at, Colorado Institute of Art. Graduated Union Institute and University, 2003 BA
fine arts and psycho-spiritual studies.



1998 - July, Contributing writer for Walking Distance Newspaper "Interpreting Dreams"

1997 - December, The Creative Life, Messages from the Unconscious"

1997 - October, "Dream as Pathfinder."

1991 - 1993 - Various articles on Jungian art therapy projects, JATT newsletter

1986 - National Center for Homeopathy meeting posters

1985 - Illustrated Children's book A Magical Journey and did accompanying poster

1985 - American Homeopathy Magazine - cover

1984 - Houston Symphony Orchestra Magazine - cover

1979 - BRAVO - Denver Symphony Magazine cover

1995 - February, Leadville Herald Democrat "Leadville Native Artist"

1985 - Spree "Stuff of Dreams" Art section review San Francisco

1987- Mediterranean Magazine "Two Artists"

1985 - ArtSpeak, New York review

1982 - Denver Post "Working at Home"

1981- Durango Herald "Now" section "Kaiser-Nossaman's paintings are really windows into her
unconscious self"

1979 - American Artist Magazine - Review "Patterns in the Life Cycle: The Art of Karen (Kaiser)

1978 - Promoting and Selling your Art, by Carole Katchen. Chapter on "Having an Exhibition”.

1978 - Artweek, review by Peter Patton "Of Emotion and Identity”

1977 - Denver Post, March by James Mills "Nossaman Uses Amaryllis to Record Drama of Birth,
Life, Death”

1977 - Rocky Mt. News by Marjorie Barrett (Arts Now) "Artist's First One-Woman Show Stimulating”

1977 - Denver Post, November, James Mills Review “Must-see Exhibit”

Collections: Bank of Houston via Carol Lowenstein Gallery Houston, TX; Charles Campbell, Charles Campbell Callery, San Francisco, CA; (currently Thiebaud Gallery) Bacardi Cortijo , Malaga, Spain; City of Riodoso, New Mexico; Boiron Pharmaceutical, 2 pieces; 1 commission Lyon, France, Juan Carlos Blanca, Cosmetic surgeon Malaga, Spain; Archetypos, (Mercurial Path) Quito, Ecuador; C.G. Jung Foundation, Denver °private collections regionally, nationally & Internationally


2019 - Fabric and Fashion show Next Gallery, Denver

2018 - Solo show, opening August 31, 2018 Next Gallery

2017 - Next Gallery Holiday Show, 2017 - Next Gallery "Post Card"

Solo EXHIBITS, most recent

2012 - Denver Alliance Francaise “Alchemy of Art” and introduced guest-artist/author Claudine
Jeanrenaud, psychologist and teacher, Quito, Ecuador

2012 - Holiday show and sale, Denver Highlands, Casa Quivas

2011 - Art and Alchemy Archetypos Art and Dream Center

Solo EXHIBITS, Pre-Millennial (*press & Magazine)

1995- Summer Exhibit, Leadville, Colorado - Tabor Grand Hotel (*Leadville Herald Democrat)

1988- Two-person show with artist/mentor Robert Harvey, Bacardi Corporation Cortijo Gallery,
Malaga, Spain - 15 pieces oils and acrylics (*Mediterranean Magazine)

1986- Riodoso, New Mexico invitational (*Art News, Riodoso)

1984- "Un Viaje Magico" paintings/illustrations for bi-lingual children's book with KT Tartakoff, first
step towards Ms. Tartakoff's formation of "The Children’s Legacy" for children with life
threatening illness. Poster and illustration.

1984- Denver Petroleum Club, curated by Sandra Wilson, Sandra Wilson Fine Art 1983 "Kaiser-
Nossaman" solo show, Washington street studio, "Flowers, Fantasies,Dreams”.

1983- Studio Galleries "Gardens of the Mind” Jungian theme

1981- Fort Lewis College, invitational show, one woman show "Flowers, Fantasies and Dreams”
Invitation-Professor of Fine Art and Philosophy Stanton Engelhart. (*Durango Herald)