Kathe Madrigal

Kathe Madrigal

laguna beach, CA, United States

About Kathe Madrigal

I am an artist painting in oils. I love large scale paintings and do many by commission as they are hard to store. I am influenced by the Abstract Expressionists of the 60's and how the application of paint can be used as self-therapy and to engage viewers emotionally at the same time.
Currently, in 2019, I am painting the relationship between nature’s ability to create order out of chaos and subsequently, the forces of nature that destroy it. My process begins with reading and research. It ends with a piece that puts two opposing ideas together creating a singular voice of beauty and structure. I am also exploring the uncertainty of the future regarding AI, robotics and virtual reality questioning how future generations will be experiencing life on the planet.

My whole portfolio can be seen at http://www.kathemadrigal.com. Updates on new works and shows are at Instagram- @Katsu_art
and for Prints, please visit my shop at http://etsy.com/shop/KatsuArtPrints


I received my BFA from U.C. Santa Barbara. I continued post-grad studies at U.C. Los Angeles which led me to start a business in large scale murals, Trompe l'oeil and faux finishes. Very big in the 90's.
Currently, I show at Gloria Delson Contemporary Art in Los Angeles and I am represented by SourceArt.com and ArtDimensionsOnline.com for residential, commercial and entertainment rentals.
Originals can be bought via these resources for projects, or bought through Saatchiart.com


Follow @katsu_art on instagram for news about upcoming shows.


For full Bio please visit http://www.kathemadrigal.com

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