Kathleen Finlay

Kathleen Finlay

Montreal, QC, Canada

About Kathleen Finlay

I have been a photographer since 1992 but after moving to Paris in 2013 and studying drawing and sculpture there, I moved back to Canada (Montreal) and rediscovered by first love : painting. I specialize in large scale acrylic paintings on wood panel but I continue my photography project and also started a new venture: thesoulfood.ca that features the work other talented artists.


Born in Montreal, Kathleen Finlay studied fine arts at York University where she graduated in 1992. She studied drawing and sculpture in Paris from 2013-2016.


Kathleen is at work with a new series of paintings titled Les Méandres, is continuing her photography project titled Les Oniriques while expanding on her new passion: thesoulfood.ca


Group exhibition as exhibitor and organizer
The Soulfood Hudson. Hudson. Canada. 2018
The Soulfood Toronto. Toronto. Canada. 2018
The Soulfood Montreal. Montreal . Canada. 2019

Solo exhibitions
Les Méandres. Mikko. Hudson, Canada, 2020
Les Oniriques. 2 Barn Owls, Hudson, Canada, 2018
Vanitas, Galerie 26, Paris, France 2015
Circus Shadows, Cirque du Soleil Headquarters, Montreal, Canada, 2012
Circus Shadows, Gallery One, Toronto, Canada, 2012
Quince Botanical, Contact 2012, Toronto, Canada, 2012
Starfall, Toronto International Circus Festival, Toronto, Canada, 2011
Starfall, 1st International Circus Festival, Montreal, Canada, 2010
Starfall, Rouge Concept Gallery, Toronto, Canada, 2009-2010
Starfall, Gallery One, Toronto, Canada, 2008
Cirque, traveling exhibition w. Corte o by Cirque du Soliel, Dubai, USA, Australia, 2006-2007
Cirque, Gallery One, Toronto, Canada, 2006
Travelogues, Gallery One, Toronto, Canada, 2003
Polaroids, Gallery One, Toronto, Canada, 2001
Postcards, Gallery One, Toronto, Canada, 2000