Kathleen Grace

Kathleen Grace

, United States

About Kathleen Grace

As an artist and art photographer, I like to convey a sense of time and mood, emotion in my work. What motivates me to create art is color, beauty and a sense of inner joy. And photography is my rock and roll - the joy and sense of completeness in being out their being in the right place.

And what I work to achieve is simplicity and a sense of connection in the art, a sense of sublime.

The artists who most influenced me are artists who embraced color, Richard Diebenkorn, Helen Frankenthaler, Matisse, Bonnard, and in particular the influence of artist Morris Graves who when I first saw his work felt a deep inner connection that resonated, and found my own voice from that connection.

For photography, I had little influence but what I could see and experience in looking around and seeing beyond the drive. I have no great heroes in photography except all the magazines I pored through growing up, LIFE, LOOK, National Geographic - where the pictures spoke volumes about the experience.

The paintings are simple yet complex with layers of paint muted by mixing many colors together and scrubbed, manipulated, to achieve a layered, atmospheric look. I paint landscape, still life and abstract. My landscapes are not based on anything real except how we may read a landscape from a distance off - the barest hint, a sense of landscape. All my works stem from that sense, the still lifes, portraits of objects that have a life of their own and their relationships with each other. The abstracts conceived as we sense the past with its many layers. It's important to respect time and age and their effect on us.

I don't claim to be a photographer, I always get too enthralled to stick with the technical aspect, but I am an artist. Photography came first, but studying painting changed the photographer in me, and became a tool for the artist, one I love. Painting works with me from the inside, photography from the outside.


My arts education was gained in a more traditional manner, spending almost 10 years studying at college and university level with four outstanding teachers and contemporary artists, and in private workshops with those artists. I studied drawing with multiple teachers after finding significant differences in the means of teaching. I spent four years studying life drawing and artist's anatomy. And studio painting and mixed media for six years. Learning as much as I could was the goal to understand inside and out. My studies also included advertising/graphic design, production art and fine art studio arts.

In photography I also trained in a more old tradition way, studying with two master photographers from the old school Hollywood entertainment industry. My first experience professionally was working in the dark room for a major television network, with two studio photographers. And I studied with them and learned. I went on to Nikon school workshops, college photography classes, and worked with two major photo labs in the Los Angeles and San Diego regions.