Kathryn Knudsen

Kathryn Knudsen

Provo, UT, United States

About Kathryn Knudsen

Kathryn Knudsen
Kathryn works and lives in Utah. She attended Utah State University in Logan, Utah, where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. She also earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from Brigham Young University, where she taught in the Studio Arts program.

About The Work
"Kathryn's art utilizes a variety of traditional media, abstract forms, and found objects to produce an artistic vision that can heal, refashion, and beautify. The result--an unpredictable labyrinth of oil paint, canvas, fabric, thread, paper, beads, and other materials--is as luminous as it is provocative, a flash of the unconscious, a dream, a moment of deja vu. Picking up objects that might otherwise languish in scrap heaps, second-hand clothing stores, or boxes of discarded papers, fabrics, and memories, Kathryn's art reintegrates the power of transformed media with therapeutic promise of beauty and artistic experience. In these paintings, sculptures, and installations, the possibility of refashioning the world of discarded consumption becomes an artistic reality, something more than an aspiration, a wholly new experience in itself. To experience Kathryn's art is to realize that the very fabric of our culture and everyday lives can be recast and reclaimed, just as nature does in its endless march of life and desire. The oddness of the human figures, the opalescence of the textures, the quirkiness of the colors--all of these are the life blood of a culture revised. It is a vision in which nothing--no memories, no tradition, no promise--is beyond reclamation."

-- John Williams, Professor of Humanities, Yale University


MFA, Studio Arts.  December 2005 -Brigham Young University. Provo, Utah
BFA, Studio Arts.  May 2001 -Utah State University. Logan, Utah


Founder of the Utah Refugee Benefit Art Sale
Our organization has raised $37,000 to the Utah Refugee Connection

The Other Art Fair- May 2019, Brooklyn New York
Upcoming The Other Art Fair LA, Sept 2019
The Affordable Art Fair- September 2019
Pulse Miami Art Fair- December 2019


Solo Exhibitions

Finch Lane Gallery -Salt Lake City, Utah. July 2002

Hunter Library -Salt Lake, Utah.  March 2002

Provo Arts Center -Provo, Utah.  December 2002

Gallery 303 & Harris Fine Arts Center -Provo, Utah.  October 2005

 Texas A&M University- May 2008
Utah Central Art Center- Ephrium, Utah November 2009

Utah Valley University- Heber, Utah April 2011

Group Exhibitons

Terrault Gallery- Baltimore, MA Aug 2019

LA ArtCore- LosAngeles, CA July 2019

The Other Art Fair- Brooklyn, New York May 2019

Utah Refugee Benefit Art Sale, 2018, 2019 (primary exhibitor)

Simple Earth Gallery -American Fork, Utah.  November 2005

University of Alcala -Madrid, Spain.  May 2004

Harold B. Lee Library -Provo, Utah.  January 2004

Print Exchange, Utah State University- Logan, Utah.  January 2001

Mary Eccles Gallery -Logan, Utah.  April 2001