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Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

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59 Keppochhill Road
G21 1SR
Tel/Fax: +44(0)141 558 6710 & +44(0)7951295955
E-mail:info@bbfreelancer.com Web:http://www.bbfreelancer.com

With significant skills, qualifications and experience in a number of creative industries, I am keen to build a long-term career in a working environment where I can develop and broaden my skills and contribute effectively in a focused and imaginative manner. I have excellent communication and language skills and work effectively as part of a team and on my own initiative. Experience with a staff body of 3 skilled trades people, and in the worldwide B+Bfreelancer has a professional team, qualified to degree level to high standards.

B+Bfreelancer has a satisfied group of customers, based throughout the UK, and internationally including art curations galleries/ film/TV/ radio/ magazine and online e-commerce.

The company is managed by professor CEO. Kassim Beder Mohamed as KBM. The Executive producer artist and writer who has been focusing on the art and media industry and production market for many years. Having previously worked for IBM, CEO Kassim Beder Mohamed is more than qualified to look after the company.

With state of the art facilities and fully qualified staff, the company is able to offer a professional arts media and languages to businesses and to world worldwide with non stop shop in 4 different languages. The service is intended to be cost effective, enabling clients to get back on the road.

The business creates a wide range of services that are tailored to requirements and can help keep costs to a minimum. The products feature comprehensive instructions, making them suitable for business purposes, and they are available within the worldwide company.

I enjoy working to deadlines and I am an ambitious and reliable individual. Produced directed and well maintained B+Bfreelancer.com


Ba(Hons) The English Language and Arts Media.


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