Kelly Lynn Kimball

Kelly Lynn Kimball

Grand Rapids, MI, United States

About Kelly Lynn Kimball

Kelly is a self-taught abstract artist specializing in oil pastels and has been painting for over 12 years. Originally from Northern Michigan, her main source of inspiration, and the spirit behind her present artwork, comes from nature and the cyclical patterns of the seasons that she’s loved since childhood.

She emphasizes texture and color in her work by blending planes of oil pastels with solely her hands across the canvas. Nature’s influence can be seen throughout her works with her signature vortexes, eliciting the ebb and flow of emotional currents one feels when surrounded by nature. A superb colorist, Kelly’s pieces manage to soothe and excite simultaneously.

Kelly continues to evolve her technique, experimenting with new mediums and giving back to the community with Art Therapy workshops. Recently, she has shown at Art Basel Miami, Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, HUD Gallery, the Armory NYC, signed with an Italian Art Consultancy firm and has had several Live Painting performances in the USA & Canada.


Live Painting w/ the Venice Symphony Orchestra @ Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, CA
- April 23rd 7-11pm PST
- May 21st 7-11pm PST


Alchemizing a Human Art Installation @ The Wellness Center
Thursday, Sept. 14, 2017 7-9pm EST
1324 Lake Drive SE Suite 4, Grand Rapids, MI
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Parallax Art Fair - Venice Arts 2016