Kate Kulish

Kate Kulish

Dnipro, dnipro, Ukraine

About Kate Kulish

Dear Friend. My name is Kate Kulish. All my life I work with art. I have never worked for hire, all my life I create paintings. I love it because I want to create something special, something that could bring brightness to this world.
Over 8 years ago I became interested in spiritual practices. I am a vegetarian, don't drink alcohol. I try to lead a clean and healthy lifestyle, both mentally and physically, people could see pure in my art too. I create paintings only in a good mood that why people tell me that my paintings make them feel good.

I am constantly looking for new methods of transmitting my emotions to the canvas. All methods I have found I carefully study and the process of studying the new method can be called a period, as the study and the search may take about 1-2 years, then the technique smoothly melts into another, where begins a new method.
I hope you will love my paintings as I love them!
Thank you a lot for your visit to my page)


2008-2013- Dnipro National University of Fine Arts
The period on education was a very interesting and crazy period because I very often rejected the academic methods of teachers of the Soviet era. I tended to abstract, and this was expressed in the rebellion to academism. Nevertheless, I was one of the best artists on the faculty. Over the entire period of study, I take part in more than 20 exhibitions and competitions. Twice I took a part in plain airs in Poland with one of my teachers.


2014- wall decoration in a charity project with the support of the Mayor.
2015- was selected for the international residency in Montenegro.“Cultural Heritage”.
2015-2016 - I lived in Thailand and was creating paintings for a big exhibition in Milano.
2016- Residency for an artist in Poland. Gallery "Marzenie".
2017 -Residency for an artist in Bulgaria Gallery "Okno".
2017 -Residency for an artist in Poland Gallery "Okno".


2012- an exhibition of Crystal palette competition in the gallery "Ya. Greta" (Kiev)
2013- participation in the competition "Tears of happiness" with the picture "The Tree", and in the exhibition devoted to this contest in London
2014- the first personal exhibition in "Telega" Gallery, Dnipro Ukraine which called «Nocturne»
2016- personal exhibition in the MAD Gallery (Milano, Italy).
2016- Ukraine Art Week. Каte's painting was chosen as a cap of the catalog of the event. + Grand Prix.
2017- ARTAnkara Contemporary Art Fair
2017- Art Fair in the program of Venice Biennale