catharina brouwer

catharina brouwer

Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands

About catharina brouwer

Catharina has always felt privileged to have the opportunity and means to devote time and attention to her desire to be a creative artist.
In addition to the painting courses and workshops she leads for adults, she devotes a significant part of her time to drawing and painting in her beautiful studio in the old city of Utrecht.
She use the variety of techniques to create her artworks.
Her art originates from day to day experiences.
In search for a form, there is a beginning, an initial idea, and this can grow into something bigger, more exciting and interesting.
On the way to the final product, there may be obstacles, detours, subconcious layers to eradicate, new concious layers arising and uneasy combinations.
Its a evolving proces. More colours, shapes, contrast in colour, light and shadow coming into being. In addition to oils, she also use inks,acrylics and linoprints on canvas.
The work is recognizable by its strong forms and colours; she suprises the viewer through the use of an unexpected technique, size or medium.
It is surprising even to her, that her work forever keeps changing and that there are always new avenues to pursue.
The themes Catharina explores are related to events and phases in her life.
For example, visits to a gym inspired the series Exotic Movements, and the landscapes of Australie, Tasmanie, New Zealand and Spain, resulted in series of oilpaintings.
Her most recent series are large works, using pastels on cardboard, depicting children on playgrounds. The all are framed.


Utrecht school of Arts (HKU)
Course to teach children paint


Lekart, a big event in the whole city of Culemborg and surrounding. Once in the 2 years..
Theme in 2014 was Movements.


2016 Open studio presentation
2016 Fair presentation in Eindhoven and Rotterdam
2015 Spring exhibitition theme : Movements
at society Kunstliefde
2015 In collaboration with the central museum Utrecht
and Kunstliefde: work inspired on the 18th century painter PC Wonder
2014 Popup galerie Utrecht
2014 Lekart, Culemborg theme exhibition in a group
2013 Gallery Grang the Paul, Den Bosch
2012 Society Kunstliefde Utrecht
2011 Museum Catharijneconvent theme: Pelgrims to Santiago
2010 Galerie Jansen en de Vries, Culemborg
2008 Open studio presentation
1990- Member and Exhibitions at
Society Kunstliefde Utrecht