Cornelia Es Said

Cornelia Es Said

Berlin, Berlin, Germany

About Cornelia Es Said

cornelia es said experiments in her paintings with the transfer of internal and external boundaries. Her work focusses on a radically social approach that manifests in the representation of archetypal body landscapes. From her anarchic conviction she deals with the organic process of painting and explores the medium from the coarse to the precise, from disturbing to aesthetic.


Deliberately autodidactic. To learn the craft, she enrolled in january 2016 to formal training at the Watts Atelier Institute of the Arts, CA.


2018: #Urknall, Group Exhibition in Pforzheim, Germany
2018: Group Exhibition BLO-Ateliers, Berlin
2018: Dilemma III, Group Exhibition, Steinfurth, Germany
2017: Mural at nocturn, Can Picafort / Mallorca
2017: Group Exhibition BLO-Ateliers, Berlin
2017: DILEMMA II, Group Exhibition, Steinfurth, Germany
2016: Flagshow Fortuna 35, Group Exhibition at Toscana-Kunsthalle, Berlin
2015: Gallery-Bar Bänsch Berlin, Solo-Exhibition
2015: DILEMMA, Group Exhibition, Kraftzentrale Straubing, Germany
2014: Group Exhibition BLO-Ateliers, Berlin
2012: Exhibition „17 Barcodes“ (concept art), Blo-Ateliers, Berlin
2000: Exhibition "Chilenismo" (watercolor), Juan y Medio, Santiago de Chile
1998 Exhibition „Transluzene“ (uv-art), Galerie Angenehm, Berlin
1997 Exhibition „Surreale“ (uv-art), Adalbert 6, Berlin
1990 Exhibition (drawings and graphics), Fischladen, Berlin
1989 Exhibition (murals), Jelena Gora, Berlin