Vitalik Kravec

Vitalik Kravec

Kiyv, Ukraine, Ukraine

About Vitalik Kravec

All of my work starts with some form or plot that provides the direction of drawing. By the end of the work nothing will remain from the primary idea, it will disappear as my work develops fresh layers & new directions.

This how I found my technique of layering. I don’t use a preliminary sketch, so my work can develop in 2 ways.

Either quick a calligraphic sketch that I compare to a shaman playing on one string, or sophisticated pictorial art with plenty of layers and textures resembling a symphonic orchestra. For me for sure, it all “music” without words.

In my works I try to tell the story, but intentionally avoid the narrative. It’s more interesting to play with associations than just matter of factly illustrate my idea or experience.

Therefore my paintings should be observed for what they are rather than what they could mean.

I am able & will often combine techniques and materials. Sometimes I invent paints and canvas, trying to avoid material limitations in my creations.


Vitaliy Kravets is a painter and a graphic artist.
Vitaliy was born in Ukraine to a family of talented, successful artists and he certainly inherited their talents.

After graduating from art college in Kyiv, he entered the Academy of Arts.

Vitaliy has been developing his own visual language, studying a variety of artistic techniques and materials.

Vitaliy has curated many exhibitions as well as a number of art residences and fares.

Between 2013 to 2016 he was the art-director of the famous revolution underground gallery ‘Bacteria’. and during this time discovered many new talents during.

Many of his works have received prestigious awards at art festivals and have been sold on auctions, in particular, the auction house “Dukat”.

Nowadays Vitalik’s works are to be found in private collections in Cyprus, France, USA, Germany, UK, Poland as well as his native Ukraine.



2013 «Іо-Му» - personal exhibition gallery “Bacteria”, Kyiv, Ukraine.
2013 - “Angels” - personal exhibition devoted to birthday of Venedikt Erofeev, gallery “Bacteria”, Kyiv, Ukraine.
2015 - “Kravets’ brush stroke” - personal exhibition of pictorial art, “Bunkermus” Ternopil, Ukraine.
2016 - “Hugs” - personal exhibition of graphic, French Institute, Kyiv, Ukraine
2017 - “Gorilla’s laughter” - personal exhibition of pictorial art and graphic, gallery “Educatorium”, Kyiv, Ukraine

Common exhibitions
2009 - “Time and metaphysics” - common exhibition of stage design, Presidium of Academy of Arts, Ukraine.
2010 - 1st place award in stage design of “Crooked house”, Agatha Christie. “Karas gallery” Kyiv, Ukraine.
2013 - exhibition in art-residence «І-О», Izmit, Turkey.
2013 - “50 the most interesting artists of Western Ukraine” Lviv, Ukraine.
2013 - exhibition “Ukrainian agressiv” Kyiv, Ukraine.
2014 - residents’ exhibition “I-O”, Izmit, Turkey.
2014 - exhibition in Ukrainian culture centre. Paris, France.
2017 - auction “Roses”, common exhibition, gallery “Ornament”, Kyiv, Ukraine.
2018 - common exhibition of graphic, «Contemporary Ukrainian Graphics”, Chicago, USA.
2019 - exhibition during art-residence “Exodus”, Montenegro.
2019 - exhibition in art-residence “Exodus”, Museum of Contemporary Art. Kyiv, Ukraine.

Other projects:
2008 - stage design to the performance “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings”
2010 - 2012 - production designer on plasticine and puppet cartoon. “Novator” Studio, Kyiv, Ukraine
2018 - stage design on music and cinematographic performance “An Unprecedented Campaign” by Michael Kaufman, Anton Baibakov’s Symphony, Kyiv, Ukraine