Kseniya Berestova

Kseniya Berestova

Moscow, Russia

About Kseniya Berestova

I write primarily for myself. What I feel, what I like, what inspires. And if my work resonates in your hearts, then all is not in vain! She graduated from the Children's Art School No. 4 in Moscow. 2006 - graduated from A.N. Kosygin Moscow State University, faculty of applied art (ornament). The artist is a stylist with a degree in Art Design of Textile Products for the Interior. In 2007, I began to paint oil paintings ... for myself ... and was delayed ... the search for myself, my style ... and today I continue to do this ... and I can’t see myself without painting, without brushes and paints. My paintings are born in the process of writing, I don’t make sketches ... and even sometimes having a concrete composition, the idea - more often something else happens ... For the first years I basically painted a person ... portraying a girl’s figure, conveying her beauty and the beauty of the female body ... but it was always more important to convey the mood, history, feelings ... sometimes giving the picture a double-digit name, it is interesting to observe how differently everyone perceives and thinks out the story, the plot of the work ... passing through itself. Sometimes you read comments where a person writes about his perceptions of the picture, and sometimes, it is the exact opposite of my perception. It can be very interesting. Often I use a composition that goes beyond the canvas ... such a feeling of freedom. No wonder, probably, more often my paintings are hung without frames, not limiting them and not locking them into a clear perimeter. Previously, all the canvases I had were big ... in front of the little ones I was lost, not knowing what to do with them. In recent years, I fell in love with the still life genre, portraying vegetables and fruits, and this has changed the attitude towards small canvases. Representing fruits and vegetables, I choose them for the beauty of form, color combinations, I like fruits with a flaw, they seem to me more picturesque and real. I do not like to write cut flowers ... everything should live with me ... grow ... in nature ... in pots. Although at the moment I have a couple of bouquets in vases)). Always looking for an interesting solution, composition. For me, painting is always an experiment and a search for myself.

My paintings are in private collections in Russia, Belarus, Switzerland, Ukraine, Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Ireland.


Children's Art School No. 4, Moscow.
Moscow State Textile University named after A.N. Kosygin. Faculty of Applied Arts, ornament. The artist-stylist in the specialty "Artistic design of textile products for the interior."


2007 - collective exhibition “Breaking reality”, design center ARTPLAY, Moscow.

2009 - collective exhibition “Decorative Moods”, Solyanka Gallery, Moscow.

2009 - collective exhibition “Imagination”, club “Only good news", Irina Tolpina Gallery, Moscow.

2010 - exposition in the business center "Center T", Moscow.

2010 - personal exhibition “DOORS”, Kam in cafe, Moscow.

2012 - personal exhibition “Love mood”, gallery “MONTMARTRE”, Moscow.

2012 - collective exhibition "Portrait of a Young Man", reading room of the Central City Youth Library named after M. A. SVETLOV, Moscow.

2012 - collective exhibition "It girls", the action "Night at the Museum", gallery "MONTMARTRE", Moscow.

2013 - personal exhibition "Meet the Dream", media center of the Central City Youth Library. M.A. Svetlova, Moscow.

2016 - personal exhibition "Summer colors of winter", DuckArt club, restaurant "Beavers and ducks", Moscow.

2016 - a collective exhibition "Teachers and Alumni", MSTU. A.N. Kosygin, Moscow.

2016 - the collective Summer exhibition of the Association of painters of the Ministry of Agriculture, Moscow.

2016 - collective exhibition "Neformat", DuckArt club, restaurant "Beavers and Ducks", Moscow.

2017 - collective exhibition "Art in the Interior", organized by Elena Sotnikova and Elena Botkina, Moscow.

2018 - collective exhibition "White", Central Scientific Library. N.I. Zheleznova, Moscow.

2018 - collective exhibition "At the End of the Earth", LEGA Gallery, Moscow.

2019 - personal exhibition "Waiting for spring", gallery of local art KVARTINA, Microcity "In the Forest".

2019 - a collective exhibition of artists, gallery QUARTIN, Microcity "In the Forest".

2019 - collective exhibition "BW +", LEGA Gallery, Moscow.