Kyungsoo Lee

Kyungsoo Lee

Murrieta, CA, United States

About Kyungsoo Lee

Kyungsoo Lee was born, raised and educated in Seoul, Korea. She began painting as a small child, displaying a precocious talent for art and, for painting in particular.
She continues today, many years later as she has always done: painting.
Since receiving her MFA from the Graduate School of Sungshin Women's University in 1983 and then move with her family to California in 1984. She is among the first generation of artists to be fully trained in a combination of oriental and western European aesthetic.
She approaches her canvas with apparently little or no preconceived notion of what will occur. She has the disciplined ability to quiet the verbal, analytical part of her min an allow that silent creative half of the brain to dominate. Her painting is a process of discovery, evolving from the repetition of gestures and the layering of color over color. Her perceptive color sense lends strength to the delicate line and soft tones of her imaginary natural abstractions and inner landscapes.
Kyungsoo Lee was named "Artist of the Month" and given her first major solo show at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Seoul, Korea in 1989.
Her paintings are found in collections are around the world; collections of museums, corporations, and individuals.
Her life has been a journey, and the only constant in her life is painting. She has achieved a facility to speak eloquently with line and color, to speak a poetry without words to those who are receptive.
Painting is her true blue friend.


B.F.A. Dept. of Fine Arts, Sungshin Women's University,
Seoul, Korea
M.F.A. Graduate school of Sungshin Women's University,
Seoul, Korea
Studied in Dept of fine arts, CSULA, California, US.

**Honors and Awards**
1993 Certificate of Festival International D'osaka,
1993 Certificate of Appreciation, the city of Miami, FL
1992 Encouragement Public, Paris, France
1991 Grand Prix de Paris International, Paris, France
Grand Pris d'Aquitaine International, Bordeaux,
1981 Entry to Korean National Art Competition, Seoul,


KIAF (Korea International Art Fair) SEOUL 2019
September 26 - 29, 2019
Coex Hall. Seoul, Korea

The Other Art Fair Los Angeles
March 28-31, 2019
Magic Box at The Reef. Los Angeles, CA


*Solo exhibitions
2019 lee&lee gallery, Los Angeles, Ca
2016 lee&lee gallery, Los Angeles, Ca
2014 lee&lee gallery, Los Angeles, Ca
2012 Stanford Art Space at Stanford University, Palo
Altos, Ca
2011 lee&lee gallery, Los Angeles, Ca
2009 P.S. Zask Gallery, Palos Verdes, Ca
2008 lee&lee gallery, Los Angeles, Ca
2005 lee&lee gallery, Los Angeles, Ca
2005 Kauai Art Museum, Lihue, Hi
2001 Tustin Renaissance Gallery, Tustin, Ca
1999 Oliver Hyde Art Gallery, Fremont, Ca
1998 Palos Verdes Art Center, Palos Verdes, Ca
1998 Tustin Renaissance Gallery, Tustin, Ca
1997 Tustin Renaissance Gallery, Tustin, Ca
1996 Yuna Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1995 Connaisseur Gallery, Stockholm, Sweeden
1992 Andrew-shire Gallery, Los Angeles, Ca
1989 The National Museum of Contemporary of Art,
Seoul, Korea
1988 Koreatown Plaza, Los Angeles, Ca
1984 The Moyal Recreation Center of Arts & Crafts,
Seoul, Korea
1984 Suk Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1982 Suk Gallery, Seoul, Korea

*Numerous group exhibitions