Lara Ješe

Lara Ješe

KR, Kranj, Slovenia

About Lara Ješe

Lara Ješe is an artist living and working in Kranj, Slovenia. She holds an MFA in Painting and Fine Arts, acquired at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana in Slovenia. She has also studied at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig, expanding her knowledge in the fields of Graphic Printing.

Growing up in the countryside near Kranj, Slovenia, she found her artistic interest in animals, particularly horses and cattle, which became a recurrent subject in her work. The motif allows her to explore the balance between portraiture and figure, in other words between psyche and the flesh, and to research the body within allegorical situations.


MFA, Painting, Academy of Fine Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia; with Study Exchange: Painting and Graphic, HGB, Leipzig, Germany;
BFA, Painting, Academy of Fine Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia


- “Funnaminal”, James Joyce Foundation, Zürich, Switzerland, conceptual presentation in the literaure workshop, exhibition, 16.7.-11.8.2018;
- HARP (Horse and Art Research Program) 2017 Artist Residency, Barnag, Hungary, 29.7. – 11.8.2017
- Opening of the Solo exhibition "Master's Exhibition: Golden Calf", Stara Zadruga, Mavčiče, Kranj, Slovenia, 30.9.2016
- "Zum Mitnehmen", art event at HGB Leipzig, Germany, 29.1.2015
- "Midas", solo art performance; outdoor studio in Mavčiče, Kranj, Slovenia, 16.6.2014
- “Art and Cultural Dis/Integration – Being Different in Society”, round table, BTC Crystal palace, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 20.2.2014
- Opening of Group Exhibition "Young Artists and Charity", Ljubljana, Slovenia, 21.11. 2013


- "I3", ZKD Kranj, Slovenia, solo exhibition, 13.10.-15.11.2020
- “Ex-Tempore Karneval”, Ptuj City Gallery, Slovenia, group exhibition, 14.2.-4.3.2020
- “Funnaminal Menagerie”, James Joyce Foundation, Zürich, Switzerland, solo exhibition, 16.7.-11.8.2018;
- “HARP 2018”, Barnag, Hungary, group exhibition, 5.8.2018
- “Lineage and Legacy: The Imaged Horse”, Ucross Gallery, Clearmont, Wyoming, USA, group exhibition, 5.3.-9.6.2018;
- “The Artbox Project New York 1.0”, Stricoff Gallery, Art Quartier Chelsea, New York, USA, group exhibition, 5.-17.3.2018
- “HARP 2017”, Barnag, Hungary, group exhibition, 9.8.2017;
- “The ArtBox Project Basel 1.0”, Euroairport, Basel, Switzerland, group exhibition, 14.-18.6.2017;
- Master’s Exhibition: “Golden Calf”; Stara Zadruga Mavčiče, Kranj, Slovenia, solo exhibition; 30.9. - 7.10.2016;
- “Graphic Spring”; Academy of Fine Arts Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina; group exhibition; 21. - 27.12.2015;
- “Graphic Spring”, CGU Maribor, Slovenia; group exhibition; 1. - 30.10.2015;
- “Battery: Graphics”; Cafe Gallery Pungert, Kranj, Slovenia; solo exhibition; 8.4. - 5.5.2015;
- “Art Students’ Exposition”; Vakuum Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia; group exhibition; 16. - 23.4.2015;
- Semester HGB Exhibition; HGB Leipzig, Germany; group exhibition; 12. - 15.2.2015;
- “Zum Mitnehmen”; art event and interactive exhibition at HGB Leipzig, Germany; group exhibition; 29.1.2015;
- Semester ALUO Exhibition; ALUO, Ljubljana, Slovenia; group exhibition, 6. - 30. 6. 2014;
- “Midas”; solo art performance; outdoor studio in Kranj, Slovenia; 16.6.2014;
- “Month of Culture” Exhibition; Hostel Celica, Ljubljana, Slovenia; group exhibition; 5. - 27. 3.2014;
- “U35”; Sokolski dom, Škofja Loka, Slovenia; group exhibition; 3. - 22.1.2014;
- “Young Artists and Charity”; Crystal Palace BTC, Ljubljana, Slovenia; group exhibition; 21. - 28.11.2013;
- “Beauty and Gold”; CSD Ljubljana, Slovenia; solo exhibition; 4.10.2012 - 22.01.2013;
- “Entrance”; Alkatraz Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia; group exhibition; 20.6. – 2.7.2012.