Lara Vald

Lara Vald

Toronto, ON, Canada

About Lara Vald

Lara Vald was born in Ukraine(Kyiv) into the architect's family. Lara graduated from Art College and worked as an interior designer in a designer studio.
In 2005 Lara moved to Krakow, Poland where she continued to work as an interior designer.


Lara graduated from Art College in Ukraine.


To Europe Lara begins to painted pictures. She gives them to the friends and donated paintings for charity auctions. By becoming a volunteer for a charity organization, she took part in social activity. In 2013 Lara Vald receives the invitation from the USA.


Lara Vald participated in group exhibitions in Ukraine, Poland, Russia, USA.
Actually artworks by Lara Vald are in many galleries of contemporary art.
"My paintings portray a dreamy yet dynamic world. I want my paintings to be both an escape from our everyday life”. Lara Vald.