Larissa Strunowa

Larissa Strunowa

Heide, Germany

About Larissa Strunowa

There have been human beings before, there will be human beings when we are gone – merely the feelings of human beings are existing for centuries. The man comes as naked as he goes. In the fine art the body is the optimal expression for unaltered feelings. Much purer than the spoken word. With this pure presentation you can show feelings, thoughts and visions. Without a disguise the human being has no option than to be honest and open due to his lack of opportunity to hide something.
My works are telling very different stories, always in the great limitless room between deep sadness and great happiness. The returning main motive is the coming and going, the circle of the genesis and decay, by removing the old to create something new. Between birth and death lies the fullness of life with the circling questions: the growing up, the temptation, the freedom, the motherhood, the capability of relinquishment. These are my own, very personal feelings, that find there expression in my paintings, otherwise they obsess a general validity all around the world. I am a part of humanity; I am feeling the same intensity of life as everyone else.
The process of creating is a dialogue, the clarification of one question between me and something bigger. The completed picture is then an answer on ageless questions. Often there are a bunch of pictures that engage with one question. In a constant format they reflect similar, but different aspects of emotions. The individual works are only fragments of the whole.


1976 - 1981 study of the art of painting and stage design in moscow


Cultureinside gallery, Luxemburg
KunstKontor - Fine Arts, Collecting and Consulting, Wiesbaden
Frauenmuseum, (art fair), Bonn
Gallery „Mercur“, Kiel
Gallery "Avant", Miami Beach, USA
Gallery „Essig“, Lübeck
Citygallery „A3“, Moskau, Russia
Museum Heikendorf, Kiel GA
Gallery „Szyb Wilson", Katowice, Poland
Gallery "Havanna", Bremen
„Museumsinsel“, Heide
„Museen im Kulturzentrum“, Rendsburg, GA
Gallery „N 10“, Ulsnis
Gallery „Copenhart“, Copenhagen
Gallery „mare Liberum“, Hamburg
„Merkur-Galerie der IHK zu Kiel GA“
„Borup Rathause“, Denmark
Gallery GAD, Berlin
Gallery YAM, Zakopane, Poland
Kunsthaus-Müllers, Rendsburg
KIC, "Nord-Art 08", Rendsburg-Büdelsdorf
Gallery "Am Hafen", Flensburg DA
KunstHaus am Schüberg, Ammersbek / Hamburg
KIC, "Nord-Art 2007", Rendsburg-Büdelsdorf
Gallery "Art & Book", Hamburg
„Galerie im Wilhelminhaus“, Kiel, KB Rendsburg-Eckernförde
Gallery „Kunstraum B“, Kiel, DA
Gallery "Artefactum", Wiesbaden DA
Gallery in the experimental theatre Witkacy, Zakopane, Poland EA
State art Palace „Palac Stuki“ (Pastel Biennale), Krakow, Poland
Schloss Ksiazat Pomorskich, Szczecin, Polen
Galeria Stuki Profil Posnan, Polen
Stadtgalerie, Zakopane, Polen
Belgian broadcast, Eupen
"Konzept '03",BBK-Ausstellung, Vertretung des Landes S-H beim Bund, Berlin
"Konzept '03", BBK-Ausstellung, Hanse-Office - Gemeinsames Büro
der Länder Hamburg und Schleswig-Holstein, Brüssel, Belgium
Museum "Schmiedegebäude - Museumsinsel", Heide DA
KIC, "Nord-Art 2004", Rendsburg-Büdelsdorf
Forum für Kunst und Kultur, Herzogenrath /Aachen/
Museum "House of friendship", Moscow
Museum Citadel, Jülich
International Pastel Biennale Nowy Sacz, Poland (Katalog)2002
Citygallery BWA, Nowy Sacz, Polen
Citygallery, Zakopane, Polen
Staatliches Kunstschloss Palac Stuki, Krakow, Poland
Gallery „Kralingen“, Rotterdam, Netherlands
European Kunsthof Vicht, Stolberg