Larry Willis

Larry Willis

Chandler,, AZ, United States

About Larry Willis

Born at Phoenix, Arizona USA 1948. Lives at Chandler, Arizona. Larry Willis has exhibited his work since the 1980s from California to Maine. Twice selected for the Arizona Bienial at the Tucson Museum of Art. Primarily painting on canvas he sometimes introduces other items to the work such as gold leaf, foam core, wood, etc. also dabbling in photography, watercolor and music. Thus he was recently referred to in the Arizona Republic news paper as a multidimensional artist.In my work I use elements of abstraction and various degrees of realism to achieve a desired affect that varies from piece to piece, drawing on the traditions in art in subject and technique, also bringing in elements of pop culture focusing on the transient nature and relativity of fame, the personas we create for our selves and the illusions we chouse to believe. Some works are more lyrical and others more narrative. I love art and the varying creative processes. I have always created because I enjoy it. While art can make one think I believe the main motivation should be the joy of creating. It has been said that Van Gogh suffered for his art. Perhaps his suffering was actually eased by it. I believe the arts ease ours.


Phoenix College, 1967, 1968


2012 @ Central Gallery,Phoenix, Arizona
2011 Tryst Art Gallery, Chandler, Arizona
2009 Tryst Gallery, Chandler, Arizona Payson Art League, Guest Artist, Pason Arizona
2001 Schieffelin Hall, Tombstone, Arizona (With Thom Ross)
1992 Arizona State Capitol, West Wing Gallery, Phoenix Arizona
1990 Cafe Express Gallery, Flagstaff, Arizona
1988 Arizona State Capitol, West Wing Gallery, Phoenix Arizona
1987 Phoenix Theater Lobby Gallery, Phoenix, Arizona

2013 Mesa Contemporary Art Museum,Mesa,Arizona, R. Pela Contemporary Art, Phoenix, AZ, Monorchid Gallery, Phoenix, AZ, Bokeh Gallery, Phoenix, AZ, Chaos Teory 14, Legend City, Phoenix, AZ.
2012 Herberger Theater Gallery, Chaos Theaory 13, Legend City, Phoenix, Arizona