Laurel Clark

Laurel Clark

Orleans, MA, United States

About Laurel Clark

Unique Jewellery Designs

Born in New York in 1945, Laurel Clark resided in England for 30 years, returning to the US in 1998 where she established the jewelry design business, Laurel Clark Designs.

She is entranced by the beauty, history, and magic of vintage beads and baubles from around the world. Often combining them with semi-precious gemstones, she gives them new life by transforming them into wire sculptures that are wearable art - unique designs that transcend young and old, formal and casual.

Jewelry can be Art; Art can be Jewelry. Her designs combine textures and colors with a fair amount of whimsy to create a mood, a feeling, and to inspire individuality. Her wish is to make both wearer and viewer feel touched by magic.