lawnspeak mark

lawnspeak mark

northampton, northamptonshire, United Kingdom

About lawnspeak mark

Intervene The Intermittent

Musician and artist


A secret form of projection..the spheres inside a grid system of patience and deliverance set to a scale that spiritually is understated.

Black holes bring us incarnation , warmth, humanity, family and wholesome darkness and contraction.

Light is solemn, ascending, cooler, pale and dimensional. Isolation

Realising and self confirming that being born shortly after a severe car crash a world where vision and forsight have a connection with catastrophe and a rare belief that art perhaps in some twisted way is not the real objective and perhaps is growing itself for years and centuries along a path where the parallel is that of warning and foreseeing events that can save wars and lives.
We live in a world where we are in an HG Wells Scene of the Time Machine and we gently pick the apples while the tourists are drowning and the fruit trees are themselves becoming non edible due to control of landscape and lack of awareness and abundance of prosperity and nutritional values.

An interest in automatic writing that over a long . vast lengthy time period develop into a mantra.

Close the Blinds, its parched for miles.
There is no space left in the Sky.

Aftercraft Towarding , children will scream on Digital Camera. (week before Sept 11).

As we are in enviromental crisis it is an objective ..reluctant to return to the mantras that was written a decade ago. At first it appears negative but over time has a calming quality and is a better alternative than irregular news patterns that can be more discerning and obtrusive to the human psyche.


Ancestral education

Apprentice to fathers Architectural practise

Foundation course in Art and Design

acting improvisation technique taught by John Muirhead (Tin Machine).
Improvisation and method acting is similar to art. Working while being in the space and mood.
Kundalini yoga, Siberian meditation / Chan

Tai Chi movement and visualisation (chen)
Decompose the body with the mind - black hole


Offenhaus Exhibition Live 2017

Red Dot Exhibit Bedfordshire

Forthcoming Stevington Chappel and Hollywell
Dystopia / Apocalypse exhibit and God/ sci fi music event 2017 onwards with Stargates giving and recieving .


Offenhaus Live exhibition 2017
(chosen artist)

Gallery202 currently online-mark lawn
Residual . Transference . Metamorphosis . Condition .

A Reservoir of Raw Materials
The Lloyd Gill Gallery