Lizzie DiSilvestro

Lizzie DiSilvestro

Bixby, OK, United States

About Lizzie DiSilvestro

My name is Lizzie DiSilvestro, a neutral magpie with a colorful personality. Originally from Kansas City, I grew up in a loud and passionate family that taught me self-expression as a basic instinct and necessity to get a word in at the dinner table. Fiery, honest and emotional since the womb, I’ve never known another way of being. Without the help of my parents and paternal grandmother, Grandy, encouraging my creative pursuits, who knows how that energy would have manifested. I believe it was Grandy’s love of the word ‘joy’ and appreciation for the little things that inspires the subject matter of my work to this day. Given the chaotic and dizzying pace of my mind, I use painting and fiber arts to both achieve and illustrate the state of humble fulfillment I find so precious.

Trained as a nurse, I’m fortunate to have constant reminders of how we can find joy amidst turmoil and love during pain. My dad used to tell me, “Most of life is not spent in the highs or lows, but somewhere right in the middle,” and that’s always rung so true for me. Very rarely do we have a ramp up to the opulent moments in life, instead they exist right alongside the mundane, coming up out of nowhere. But if we can find joy in those languid “in-between times” we won’t lead a life of continual wanting. To me, there is nothing more beautiful than the contentedness and warm simplicity that results from finding joy in the ordinary.


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Oklahoma Designer Showhouse- Oklahoma City, OK
Hopping Gnome Brewing Company- Solo Show- Wichita, KS
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