Lester Magoogan

Lester Magoogan

Hastings, East Sussex, United Kingdom

About Lester Magoogan

Hello, my name is Wesley, Lester's father and I was a very successful saxophonist travelling the world as part of top bands and artists such as the English Beat,Joan Armatrading and Billy Ocean until I chopped my fingers off in a circular saw accident.They got sewn back on but don't work properly.
I then discovered Lester's (who has downs syndrome) great talent for drawing and have helped him ever since to develop as an artist and showman.
He has exhibited at the Tate Modern,the Lowry and various countries such as Prague, Hong Kong and USA with great success.


Lester's special needs education has been wonderful for him. He is now 36 and currently works 2 days a week at a gardening centre for people with special needs which he loves. He is very passionate about his art and his loveable monsters reflect the world around him. Sir Peter Blake (Sergeant Pepper) and Jamie Hewlett (Gorillaz) are big fans of his works.


Please look at Lester's website www.lestermagoogan.co.uk for his CV's and films made about him by the BBC and Windmill studios Dublin for RTE Irish Television and animations made by him and his dad Wesley. There is also an archive of past exhibitions and a collection of his artwork.


A selection of Lester smaller prints are in children's wards of hospitals to cheer them up and it really does work !