Paula Letherblaire

Paula Letherblaire

Sacramento, CA, United States

About Paula Letherblaire

Paula Letherblaire, had several art apprentice internships in Northern California from 1982 through 1998 followed by a long string of art glass course work that led her to San Jose State, Pilchuck, UC Davis, UCLA, before graduating as a formal art studio major from California State University Sacramento. In 2001 Paula Letherblaire, as principle artist, established the art team of specialists that became Letherblaire House in Sacramento, California. The Letherblaire House design teams specialize in commercial collaboration with architectural, exterior and interior designers to provide multiple media artwork and installations including: sculpture (bronze, ceramic, dimensional paper, mosaic art glass and earth sculpture formations including fountains and ponds), the occasional oil on canvas, ink drawings, and the most recent obsession with photography prints.
Under the art direction of Paula Letherblaire, the Letherblaire House art team collaborated with numerous international designers, interior designers, architects and landscape designers for resort hotel projects and public space projects in the Western Coastal United States, Hawaii and Bali. Letherblaire House also serves a faithful list of private collectors, and has also participated in several annual group exhibitions sponsored by the Glass Art Society at the Corning Glass Museum in Corning, NY. The demands of collaborative commercial art have long since moved the Letherblaire House away from the art gallery circuit, except for those exhibitions deserving honorable mention that are listed below:


EDUCATION: Art Studio Bachelor’s Degree California State University, Sacramento; glass art studies at San Jose State University, University of California (Los Angeles and Davis), glass art apprenticeships at Pilchuck and with Phillip Teefy of Rainbow Glass (Sacramento)


2012, The R.W. & Joyce Witt Gallery, Sacramento, CA
3/2011, The Robert Ellis Gallery, Sacramento, CA
2/2012, Anthropology Museum, Sacramento, CA
2004, 2005 Heritage Gallery, California State Fair Group Show
2000 - 2019 Letherblaire House [worked on commercial and private collector patrons only]
2002 Art Foundry Gallery Sculpture Exhibition (Group Show)
2001 Glass Art Society Student Show, Corning Museum, Corning, NY
2001 South Shore Fine Arts Festival, Cohasset, MA
2001 Fifth Annual Peace Arch Park International Sculpture Exhibition, Blaine, WA
2001 Annual Ceramic Sculpture Show, Target Gallery, Alexandria VA
2001 Emerging Artists 2001 10th Annual Exhibition, Limner Gallery, NY, NY
2000 Heritage Gallery, California State Fair Group Show
2000 California State University Long Beach, Design Gallery
2000 Art Foundry Gallery Sculpture Exhibition (Group Show), Sacramento, CA
2000 Cornish Millennium Exhibition
2000, Bakhouse Gallery, Penzance, Cornwall UK
2000 Millennium Exhibition, KYSO Artworks Gallery, NY, NY
2000 Pulcheria Arte Gallery, Piacenza, Italy
1997 40th Chautauqua National Exhibition of American Art, Chautauqua NY
1998 Sculpture at Noble Horizons, Outdoor Group Exhibit, Salisbury, CT
1998 Alpan Gallery International Exhibition, Huntington, NY
1998 Bayfront Gallery, Pensacola, FL
1999 Viewpoint Gallery, Schenectady, New York
1999 Heritage Gallery, California State Fair Group Show
1999 The American Craft Council Interior Designers National Tour
1999 Bellingham Washington Botanical Garden Exhibition