Letion Ketienya

Letion Ketienya

Nairobi, Langata, Kenya

About Letion Ketienya

The main theme in Letion Ketienya's diverse works surrounds peace and happiness. The Kenyan artist states that although each of his paintings may have differing personal significance, will still give a sense of peace, offering both intrigue and tranquility. Predominantly creating in an abstract-expressionist style, Ketienya's vibrant compositions are made using both screen printing and engraving techniques with acrylics on canvas


Graduate with a bachelors degree in fashion and arts.


Yes. I had an event named 'Afterglow' happened in the year 2018 in Nairobi, Kenya at "The Tree house gallery".


Yes. I will have an exhibition in 2021 at New York around March . More details on the gallery and the date
will be communicated .