Laura Fraley

Laura Fraley

Orlando, FL, United States

About Laura Fraley

These paintings tell their stories through layers of texture and color. I love to use the combination of colors and texture to add interest to the story but leaving the eye relaxed. Each painting is done to be pleasing to eye and the brain in order to leave room for contemplation.
In a world that is often overstimulating, my goal is to create a space that you will be comfortable being pulled into and refreshed after your experience.
I was likely drawn to this style because of my own sensory sensitivity. Many sounds, smells, and lights became uncomfortable during and after Lyme Disease.
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The original canvas of "Quarantine" was donated on request to the Historical Society of Central Florida as a part of the Orange County Regional History Museum's COVID-19 collection. Prophecy was used as the book cover image for a work of prompts and thought exercises written for writers and other creatives.