Aase Lind

Aase Lind

Aalborg , North Jutland, Denmark

About Aase Lind

Painter, based in Denmark.

From the ice-blue of Scandinavia to the vibrant colors of Tuscany ...
Traveling is very important for her inspirations.
The very special Northern Light and soft colors in Scandinavia are an inspiration for her land- & seascapes.
From southern Europe, the vibrant, warm colors from Tuscany and France are used for her paintings.

"Colors are important sources of inspiration and sometimes they give me a kick when I see some special or unusual combinations of colors in nature or even in a busy city," says Aase Lind.

It´s important for her to experiment with different styles because it´s the best way for personal development.

Her interests in the environment find expression in land- & seascapes from the Arctic as well as flowers and gardens.

"Flowers is a luxury for some and a pure joy and a MUST for others, like me, and I am happy to see, that some of my collectors have more than one of my flower-paintings", she said.

Lately, Aase Lind worked on a Theme of Tulips in abstract/expressive and impressive style.

Paintings from Aase Lind Art are to be found in private collections in the US, UK, Scandinavia, and Australia.

An active member of the Scandinavian group of artists VARIABLERNE until 2019.



Schools of Art in DK
School of Art with the Danish artist Henrik Hoffmann Jensen.


The collection of my paintings is on show on-demand due to the Corona-crisis.

The collection of my paintings is on show on-demand due to the Corona-crisis.

Febr.-March-April: Kirkesalen, Gistrup, Denmark
May-June; RTX, Nørresundby, Denmark

Local events in Scandinavia

Helligaandshuset, Copenhagen, June 12 - 18.
Galleri Nybro, Copenhagen, August 1 - 15.

Mississipi Art, DK - 04.08-04.09.
BIE-NALE, Hobro, DK, 14.05-04.06.
ART GALLERY PS, Aarhus, DK. permanently
VARIABLERNE - exhibition mid-august - end Sept.

GALLERI 22, Bredgade 22, Copenhagen. 2.-14.07.2015
HELLIGAANDSHUSET, Stroeget, Copenhagen.
BIRKEGAARDEN, Loekken, DK. Easter-week


Earlier events:

PARALLAX AF, La Galeria, The Royal Arcade, Pall Mall, London, 20.-23.10.2011

LITTLE TREASURES, Bologna, Italy,2010.

Opera Gallery, Budapest, 2009

KULTUREKSPRESSEN, Doverodde, DK. oct. 2014
HELLIGAANDSHUSET, Stroeget, Copenhagen
9.-15. June 2014
GALLERY 22, Bredgade, Copenhagen, 18.-30. June 2014
Please, go to www.aaselind.dk or http://aaselindart.wix.com/paintings
for further info.