Lol Malone

Lol Malone

Mijas Costa, Andalucía, Spain

About Lol Malone

Lol Malone, artist born in Argentina (1973) of immigrant blood, nomadic and restless, strongly attracted by the sea. His painting could be framed in Expressionism, symbolic and figurative. Attracted by the representation and expression of the human and feminine body in particular with certain existentialist pursuits.


Artistic training
AEBA- Stimulus Association of Fine Arts - Master Félix González Mora (Bs. As.): Drawing and painting workshop, Sketch Drawing and painting with live model; Theory, practice and composition with live model.
ACADEMIA ARTIUM PEÑA- Drawing; Drawing techniques; Drawing with live model; Painting, Still Life, Composition,
Techniques: Charcoal, graphite. Pencils. Watercolor. Pastel, Acrylic, Oil. Markers. Ink. Mixed.


Finalista del XXX Certamen Pintura Ciudad de Álora 2019

- Donkey press. Illustration of cover and back cover - Collaboration for Mijas Weekly. Mijas, Spain (March 3, 2017)
- Information events of Made in Mijas. Presentation by Lol Malone. Art and new entrepreneurs. . Theater of the Tenure of the Mayor of La Cala. Mijas Costa. Malaga. (22-Oct-2014)
- Children's show solidarity with illustrations. Stela and affected rheumatoid arthritis. Town Councils of Ñáquera, Valencia. Spain. (29-Mzo-2014)

2014-2017 Versatile, enterprising and enamored of the illustration, she also creates her own Lol Malone Child Designs line store of children's watercolor illustrations and textile prints and website


12 Abr – 31 May 2019 – Presencias 48. De la Figuración a la abtracción – Pacífico 54 Espacio expositivo de la Diputación de Málaga. Exposición colectiva APLAMA. Málaga.
8 Mzo al 30 May 2019 – Be Woman and smile – Es Arte Gallery. Exposición colectiva. Marbella, Málaga.
6 Mzo al 6 May 2019 – Visibles – Expozona BIC Euronova. Exposición individual. Málaga, Málaga.
22 Feb al 22 Mzo 2019 – XXX Certamen Pintura “Ciudad de Álora” – Sala de exposiciones La Cancula . Exposición colectiva. Álora, Málaga.
1 Feb – 28 Feb 2019 – Diversidad – Oficina de Turismo Mijas. Exposición colectiva. Mijas, Málaga.
23 Nov – 23 Ene 2019 – Presencias – Pacífico 54 Espacio expositivo de la Diputación de Málaga. Exposición colectiva. Málaga.
26 Oct – 11 Nov 2018 – Cuando nadie me ve – Feel & Flow Gallery. Exposición colectiva. Barrio de las Letras. Madrid- 16 March - 9 Apr -2018 - MUSAS de Hoy - Casa de la Cultura La Cala. Mijas, Andalucía, Spain
- 8 March to 30 May- 2018 "MUJER -frente al espejo- INSPIRA " CAC Mijas, Andalucía, Spain
- Jun.2017 «Encuentros con arte» Charla abierta Ateneo Mijas. C.A.C. Mijas, Spain
- Jun. -Sept. 2016 I support this artist- Art gallery. Muelle Uno, Málaga,
- Oct 2015- "Mijas between donkeys and flamingos"- Individual exhibition of watercolors- TRH Mijas- Mijas Town, Málaga, Spain
- Feb 2015 "Little works, wonderful world" - Garage Market room- Málaga- Spain
- Jun 2010- Collective exhibition -Exhibition Hall Artium Peña- Plaza Mayor, Madrid, Spain
- Jul 2009- Collective exhibition -House of Culture Carmen Conde Majadahonda, Madrid
- Jun 2008- Collective exhibition -House of Culture Carmen Conde Majadahonda , Madrid
- Dic 1997 Collective exhibition -AEBA, Ciudad de Buenos Aires- Argentina
- March1996 Collective exhibition -AEBA, Ciudad de Buenos Aires- Argentina
- May1996 Collective exhibition Cultural Center Castelar Buenos Aires- Argentina

She participates in different collective exhibitions until in 2002 he marries and crosses the Atlantic, he emigrates to Spain, living in different cities, only in 2005 after the birth of his only son, to resume his passion for drawing and painting first in the Center Cultural background of Majadahonda and later to combine his work and family activity to attend and develop his training at the Artium Peña Academy in Madrid under the direction of Professor Eduardo Peña Núñez (1950) and participates in his collective exhibitions.
For 4 years established in Calahonda, Mijas Costa, city that adopts like its "place in the world" is dedicated to the illustration and the painting from its study. He is a member of the Association of Artisans of Mijas. Incursion of self-taught way in the graphic and textile design and creates its web page He specializes in making watercolor illustrations with his own stamp and centers a part of them, in highlighting the icons representative of the city. He exhibits in February in Malaga his series of children's illustrations "Little works, wonderful world" in the Garage Market room and in October of 2015 "Mijas between donkeys and flamingos" at TRH Mijas. Both individual exhibitions with works exclusively in watercolor.