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Luke Russell

Chicago, IL, United States



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By traveling parts of the United States and a few other countries, I have gained much through lived experiences. There are many places I'd like to visit, and much more I'd like to learn. I have created metal sculptures throughout the years and in various locations. I take pleasure in many other acti...


Ribbon Tree - Metal Sculpture Forged with Blacksmithing Techniques - Leaves Blowing in the Wind - Copper Bronze Brass Patina - Organic Forms of Nature thumb

Sculpture17 W x 31 H x 8 D in

Ribbon 7 Lover Series thumb

Sculpture9 W x 10.5 H x 5 D in

Prints from $40

Ribbon 6 Lover Series thumb

Sculpture9.5 W x 16 H x 8 D in

Prints from $40

Ribbon 5 Lover Series thumb

Sculpture8 W x 18 H x 7 D in

Prints from $40

Ribbon 4 Love series thumb

Sculpture9 W x 11.5 H x 5.5 D in

Prints from $40

Ribbon 3 Lover series thumb

Sculpture7 W x 10 H x 4 D in

Prints from $40

Ribbon 2 Lover series thumb

Sculpture9.5 W x 10 H x 5.5 D in

Prints from $40

Ribbons 1, Lover series thumb

Sculpture7.5 W x 12.5 H x 6 D in

Prints from $40

Ribbon Tree (with square base four holes) thumb

Sculpture22 W x 29 H x 18 D in

Prints from $40

Ribbon 2 thumb
Ribbon 2


Sculpture11 W x 11 H x 25 D in

Prints from $40

Ribbon 1 thumb
Ribbon 1


Sculpture8 W x 24 H x 11 D in

Prints from $40

Bush, Tree, Plant with Spiral Ribbons for Leaves thumb

Sculpture49 W x 64 H x 42 D in

Aquatic plant with butterfly elephant fish birds perched atop thumb

Sculpture15 W x 10 H x 28 D in

Prints from $40

Semi Aquatic Tree with Elephant Butterfly Fish Bird Creatures thumb

Sculpture30 W x 18 H x 31.9 D in

Prints from $40

"Fish in a Tree" thumb

Sculpture24 W x 36 H x 25 D in

Prints from $40

Double Handled Shovel Forged of Single Piece Steel thumb

Sculpture10.6 W x 19.7 H x 2.9 D in

Prints from $40

Amphibious Bird Creatures in a River Tree, Speaking Truth about the wonders they imagine thumb

Sculpture5.5 W x 9.4 H x 5.1 D in

Prints from $40

Fish Sculpture/Knife Stand (knife not included) thumb

Sculpture8.3 W x 6.7 H x 6.7 D in

Space Jesus in a Rowboat, Third Eye Visions thumb

Painting12 W x 15.9 H x 0.7 D in

Prints from $40

"The Tree of Life, or a Suggestion of a Tree?" thumb

Sculpture53.1 W x 98.4 H x 55.1 D in

Fungi is What was said to Be the Tree of Life, Fungi thumb

Painting144 W x 96 H x 24 D in

Prints from $40

Staring Into the Eyes of God thumb

Sculpture4.5 W x 5.5 H x 6 D in

Prints from $40

Unity thumb


Sculpture13 W x 33 H x 13 D in

Prints from $40

The Essence of an Artist thumb

Sculpture26 W x 72 H x 18.5 D in

Prints from $40

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