Luke Russell

Luke Russell

Chicago, IL, United States

About Luke Russell

By traveling parts of the United States and a few other countries, I have gained much through lived experiences. There are many places I'd like to visit, and much more I'd like to learn. I have created metal sculptures throughout the years and in various locations. I take pleasure in many other activities such as crafts, trades, research, painting, tagging, writing, thinking of screenplays, hiking, camping, visiting with friends, playing or watching people play music, making art, and spending time with family. I deeply enjoy being connected with nature, growing things, and watching them grow. . . this is medicine in and of itself - soil isn't dirty, we spend time in the dirt to be clean, I believe. I love making organically shaped, nature-inspired, and funky sculptures using steel, iron, and metallic paints. I dream of using glass to incorporate elements of mystery and liquid in contrast to the solid metal textures. I've developed my own methods and processes of carving metal with a cutting torch, while touching my face and head for anatomical reference and to stimulate my imagination. Using this technique, I have carved faces, heads, and mystical creatures inspired by observing the shapes of my own body. I have made furniture and garden art, swords, knives, shovels, garden hoes, fire pokers, scythes, pickaxes, fantasy weapons, and all sorts of things during what I call an experience of "art addiction."


High School Diploma, class of '03;
Early College Program at the Art Institute of Chicago;
Blacksmithing, welding, and machining at my family's forge from 2001 to 2020;
Lived experience through traveling, interning at an apple orchard, and working on a construction and roofing crew.


Chicago Sculpture International- "Sculpture in the Park"
sculpture shown "Gorilla Nest" 2019

Krasl Center Biennial sculpture walk show
sculpture shown "Gorilla Nest" 2017

Lincoln Park Zoo show- "Nature in Motion"
sculpture shown "Gorilla Nest"2015

Oak Park Sculpture walk show
sculpture shown "The Tree of Life, or a Suggestion of a Tree?"