Polomka, okres Brezno, Slovakia


LUMP ART (Michal Lunter).

No artist is normal; if he were, he wouldn't be an artist. Normal men don't create works of art. They eat, sleep, hold down routine jobs, and die. (Irving Stone)

I come from a small village in Horehronie, which is situated in the middle of Slovakia. I studied automation and computerization processes at MTF STU in Trnava (Slovakia). I worked in various companies as a software analyst and programmer. Later I began to work in England, where I started to paint in my spare time. I have no education in arts. I am learning on my own with system of trial and error. I started to paint smaller formats with acrylic paints, later i switched to larger formats and mixed types of colors. I like to experiment with colors, techniques and materials. I draw inspiration from absolutely everywhere, from music, movies, books, internet, nature, of people, but also from within. I paint with special technique, which i developed on my own. It is something like 3D painting. I am using glues, paints, and pieces of canvas and i am modeling my paintings, then I paint them. I admire artists like Ron Mueck, who makes realistic sculptures in unconventional poses and sizes. Eric Lacombe with his dreary paintings. Or the fantastic Chris Kuksi, whose creations i can not even describe. They are wonderful creations of tiny particles. I am also interested in recycling art and interior design. From better-known artists I admire Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock and Leonardo da Vinci.


self-taught artist


Repro - Europa SC - Banská Bystrica (Slovakia) - 09/2015
LUMP ART v BB - Europa SC - Banská Bystrica (Slovakia) - 10/2014
7Gods - Europa SC - Banská Bystrica (Slovakia) - 07/2014
Tvárou v tvár - OUBR - Brezno (Slovakia) - 06/2014
ŽIVÁ SYNAGÓGA, Brezno (Slovakia) - 05/2014
DVE LAMY, Trnava (Slovakia) - 05/2014
Máj lásky čas - Hokovce (Slovakia) - 05/2012
Čarovné farby II, Bratislava (Slovakia) - 2012
Artmeditácie II, Brezno (Slovakia) - 10/2011
Spoločenstvo, Lučenec (Slovakia) - 07/2011
Spoločenstvo, Brezno (Slovakia) - 05/2011
Čarovné farby I, Bratislava (Slovakia) - 07-12/2011