Tom Lundquist

Tom Lundquist

Los Angeles, CA, United States

About Tom Lundquist

Science fiction can be a great source of fun for people who make pictures. Though the subjects need to be reasonably rendered, all requirements for recognizable environments, scaling, or any object’s reason for being may be tossed over your shoulder.

I watched a set of interviews with the actors and FX artists who were bringing Dr Who into the contemporary world in 2005. When they explained that it was a children’s show, I realized that this genre could be exciting (even alarming) without being vicious or horrifying. That was intriguing and a dozen ideas grew out of it.

Why do they need to so big? I had just finished doing a 96 image print series where everything was “poster size.” Changing the scale would prevent me from just repeating those posters with a different set of characters. Since I owned a big printer, I decided to let it roar.

Everything on this site is produced through some form of digital modeling and/or digital painting. I turned to computer imagery after spending much of my youth making elaborately detailed drawings. The ability to create much more complex images was an irresistible enticement and I was willing to put aside traditional drawing values to do it.

The first four giant images shown here are from the Sci-Fi Jumbo series. The others are selected from the Poissons de Chant set, "The illustrated adventures of a mythical troupe of singing fish from Montreal." (That's the "96 image print series" mentioned above.)


Tom Lundquist was born in 1950 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He graduated from California State University Northridge in 1972 and is still at large.


1973 Orlando Gallery
Los Angeles, California
1975 Orlando Gallery
Los Angeles, California
1976 Orlando Gallery
Los Angeles, California
2008 Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota
Lillian Davis Hogan Gallery
2008 Merced College Art Gallery
2008 Rogue Community College
Wiseman Gallery
2009 Moses Brown School / Krause Gallery
2009 Jasper Community Arts Center
Krempp Gallery
2009 San Joaquin Delta College
LH Horton Jr Gallery
2010 Moraine Valley Community College
Robert F DeCaprio Art Gallery
2010 Valdosta State University
Fine Arts Gallery
2011 Illinois Central College
Performing Arts Center Gallery
2012 Durst Organization / 4 Times Square Building
New York, NY
2014 Lock Haven University
John Sloan Fine Arts Center Gallery
2016 Ormond Memorial Art Museum
Ormond Beach, FL
2017 Bemidji State University, MN
Talley Gallery

2011 Piecing Together w/ Craig Matis
Ohio State University
2012 Confounding Narratives
w/ Hans Grindlesberger
North Florida Community College
2014 Jing Zhou / Tom Lundquist
Bakersfield College
2014 Sotheby’s Inst of Art – Claremont GU
Art in Public Places / Hughes Community Center