Luz Elena Caballero

Luz Elena Caballero

Naarden, Noord Holland, Netherlands

About Luz Elena Caballero

Luz Elena was born in Colombia, South America. She studied in the United States of America and in Italy. She lives and works in the Netherlads since 2000. The human figure plays a central rol in her drawings and paintings, they are essential for her artistic expression. The ambiguity, mistery, complexity and uniqueness of human nature endlessly inspire her work.


Associate Fashion Design, Atlanta College for the Applied Arts, Atlanta, Georgia,
Bachelor of Art, Georgia State University. Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.(1988-1991)
Accademia di Disegno e Pittura Charles Cecil. Florence, Italy.(1992-1994)


Stad Museum Harderwijk, 11February-2April 2018
Gallery Salon West, Amsterdam, November 2017
Gallery Salon West, Amsterdam, December 2016- June 2017
Annual Dutch Art Fair, Amsterdam, September 2015
Art Fair Bussum, Bussum, September 2015
Collective exhibit Kobalt Ateliers Industrie Terrein Naarden, September 2014