Lynn Keddie

Lynn Keddie

Frome, Somerset, United Kingdom

About Lynn Keddie

I remember painting from a very young age and I loved painting. From as early as I can remember I painted, drew and made things. But by a twist of fate, I didn't get formal training in art.

In 1997 I moved to a flat with a garden and I found my second love. Plants and flowers. I researched how to grow, what to grow and everything I could about gardening. And I started to document my efforts with my camera.

Several gardens later, and a move from London to Wiltshire and I found myself with a huge country garden with beautiful views and a skyline to die for. I was entranced with the beauty of nature and the changing seasons.
Making a garden is like painting a picture and dare I say more complex. A garden is ever-changing and with the elements of sight, sound, touch, smell and taste to play with. But then there is time to add to the mix. Time to grow and change.
In 2000 I combined my love of plants and gardens with photography. It was my way of sharing the beauty I saw every day. I have now been a garden photographer for 20 years.
In 2009 I was strongly drawn to paint and I took up my brushes once more. Nature, the changing seasons, the colours and combinations of colour, the sense of joy, exhilaration or relaxation that plants offer is the influence for my art.
In 2018 I rented a studio in my home town of Frome. And from here I continue to explore the colours of nature, describing the essence of a place with gestural marks and clear colours. From semi-abstract flower studies and landscapes from memory to experiments in abstraction using colours found in nature. My style is gestural and bold with references to memories of my days with nature.

It has been a long time coming, but Mary Wesley wrote her first book when she was 65 years old and it was a best seller. The Chamomile lawn. So never say never. And when I look back everything fell into place as it should.

©Lynn Keddie 2020


Tutored by:
Nick Moore - RWA Drawing School 2020
​Liz Hough - St Ives School of painting 2020
Francesca Berlingieri Maxwell - RWA Drawing School 2019
Esmé Clutterbuck - RWA Drawing School 2018
Clare Haward - Dulwich Art Group 2017
Paul Gildea NEAC - Mall Galleries 2017
Louise Balaam RWA NEAC - New School of Painting 2016
Sarah Spencer RAS NEAC 2016
Paul Newland NEAC RWS - Heatherly School of Art 2016
Alice Mumford RWA - St Ives School of Painting 2011
​Eric Ward - St Ives School of Painting 2011


2019 The Royal West Academy (1 work short-listed)
2018 2018 Swindon Museum and Art Galleries Annual Exhibition ‘Collective’ in 2018/19 (2 works)
2017 2017 The Royal West Academy (1 work)
2016-two paintings shortlisted by the Royal Society of Marine Artists for their Open Exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London.
2015-one painting shortlisted by the Royal West of England Annual Open Exhibition in Bristol.
2014-two paintings shortlisted by the Royal West of England Annual Open Exhibition in Bristol.
2012-Finalist Photographer of the Year-GMG Awards
2012-Finalist Features Photographer of the year-GMG Awards
2011-Finalist Photographer of the Year–GMG Awards
2009-Finalist Features Photographer-GMG Awards
2009-Finalist International Garden Photographer of the Year


2020 Art Eindhoven, NL Septmember
2019 The Silk Mill Collective Christmas Exhibition December
2019 The Windsor Contemporary Art Fair, November
2019 66th Annual exhibition Bruton Art Society, August
2019 Frome Open Studios, July
2019 Wylye Valley Art Trail, May
2019 April Frome Art Fair
2019 Roys Peoples Art Fair, London April
2019 Bath Art Fair March
2018-19 Collective, Swindon Museum and Art Gallery
2018 The London Ultra @ The Barge House, London
2018 The Windsor Contemporary Art Fair, November
​2018 Somerset Art Works, Frome. September
2018 65th Annual exhibition Bruton Art Society, August
2018 The Other Art Fair, Bristol, Bristol
2018 Frome Open Studios, July
2018 RHS Malvern
2018 The Bath Art Fair, May
2018 The Talented Art Fair, London
2017 The Other Art Fair, Bristol
2017 Jane Reeves Gallery, Padstow
2017 The Wylye Valley Art Trail, Wiltshire
2014 'Wildlings' joint exhibition, Oxford House Gallery, London
2014 Clavelshay Barn, Somerset
2013 The Wylye Valley Art Trail, Wiltshire
2013 The Gallery Pewsey, Wiltshire
2012-13 Little House of Art, Somerset
2012 The Gallery Pewsey, Wiltshire
2012 Footprints Gallery, Wiltshire
2011 Art at The Angel, Wiltshire
2010 Sheepwash Green, Dorset
2010 The Tythe Barn, Wiltshire
2009 The Old Mill Gallery, Wiltshire
2006 Wylye Valley Art exhibition
2005 'Private Places' exhibition-Geffrye Museum, London