Catherine Maddens

Catherine Maddens

Paris, Ile-de-france, France

About Catherine Maddens

Everything is energy, light, information and awareness.

Catherine Maddens, was born in 1965 in Normandy, she lives in Paris.

She experiments with different formats and materials to create colorful abstract spaces, in her creative process, pure consciousness pre-exists and her own individuality disappears.

She explores the passages between the invisible - the void, her inner visions - energy and the visible - materiality.

She is passionate about altered states of consciousness and the healing and creation processes.

It seeks to channel source energy to express the transcendent movements of Life and its potentials, and to provide a visual and spiritual experience.

Color plays a central role in her painting, she also regularly uses the color Gold for her singularity and as an alchemical symbol of transformation. She regularly practices the blessing of her paintings to complete them (blessing, from the Latin benedictio, de bene, bien, et dicere, dire).

She seeks to develop vibrational chromatic resonances.

She is interested in the notions of holographic universe, vacuum and wave in the infinitely small, the quantum approach, nature / ecology, and the place of women in our societies.

Graphic designer for 30 years, freelance for 14 years at the Maison des Artistes.
Since 2013, I have pursued a professional artistic career.
Thank you for your interest and trust.


Painting lessons
2019-2020 Atelier Beaux-Arts Glacière with Martin Bissière, Paris 13
2012 One week intensive course with Gonzalo Belmonte and Olivier Di Pizio, Paris 11
2003-2006 Atelier du Passage with Jean Rougé & Olivier Charpentier, Paris 20 (2 to 3 lessons per week)
1985/1986 Private workshop with Denis Godefroy, Rouen

Sculpture courses
2006-2010 Fine Arts Workshops of the City of Paris with Odile Bourdet & Françoise Coutant, Paris 20
2004-2005 Municipal Courses with Philippe Seené, Duperré Paris 3

Drawing lesson
2007-2010 Fine Arts Workshops of the City of Paris with Annie Lacour & Jean-François Briant, Paris 20
1985/1986 Evening class at the Beaux Arts, Rouen

Youth Illustration Course
2012 Natali Fortier, Illufabric association, Montreuil 93
2010/2011 Kitty Crowther, Illufabric association, Montreuil 93
2004/2005 Mireille Vautier, Duperré school, Paris 3

Summer Youth Illustration Internships
2008-2010 Kitty Crowther, Martué Belgium (2 weeks)
2007 Béatrice Alemagna, Macerata Italy (1 week)

Ceramics class
2009 Atelier Valérie Lebrun, Paris 20
2010 Earth Seeds Workshop with Valéria Polsinelli, Montreuil


2019 From 5.10 to 13.10: Oksébô, castle La Roche-Guyon, France

2019 24,25 and 26 May, La Bellevilloise: Grand Salon d'Art Affordable, Paris, France

2019 From June 8 to 16: Visual Art, Philippe Auguste Vernon cultural space, France

2018 September 22-29: Experimental Art competition, Philippe Auguste Vernon cultural space, France

2018 June 9 to 17: Visual Art, Philippe Auguste Vernon cultural space, France

2017 June: Visual Art, Vernon cultural space, France

2016 June: Visual Art, Vernon cultural space, France

2012 les Hivernales Montreuil 93, France

2010 -2006: drawing and sculpture exhibition at the Open House of Ateliers Beaux-Arts Paris, France

2010 Collective exhibition of illustrations with the Illufabric association Open doors of the Ateliers de Montreuil, 93, France

2006 Collective exhibition of illustrations with the association Illufabric Paris, France

2006 A Painting Selected during a Espace Commines competition, Paris 3, France