Magdalena Cecilia Johne

Magdalena Cecilia Johne

Gothenburg, Västra Götaland, Sweden

About Magdalena Cecilia Johne

Magdalena Cecilia Johne, a Swedish jeweller who has been designing and making her creations for some twenty years, for the last twelwe years under her own jewellery brand M925 Design. She has recently advanced into larger pieces of art, exploring jewellery techniques on different metals and the dynamics between contrasts like precious/non precious, polished/raw, hard/soft, warm/cold, art/not art, randomness/purposefulness, abstraction/figurativeness. And not the least: perfection/defection


Magdalena is basically autodidact (as was Van Gogh). She's had many different teachers throughout the years though, such as Anastacia Young, Paul Well, Rod Judkins, Swedish goldsmith Mikael Hjalmers and British metal sculptor David Stewart. So not completely self-taught after all :) Currently a gilding student at Tibro Hantverksakademi.


Recently had her opening of her debut art exhibition at M925 Pop Up Art Gallery in Gothenburg, Sweden. Now prepairing for an exhibition in Skärhamn this summer.