Maggie Macdonald

Maggie Macdonald

Greenville , SC, United States

About Maggie Macdonald

My name is Maggie Macdonald and I'm an artist living and working in Spartanburg, SC. I grew up along the coast of California playing in the waves and being enveloped by the beautiful blue waters. I've been painting ever since I was a child and from as early as I can remember my artworks have gravitated towards capturing the essence of life along the coast, along the waters, where my soul feels most free.


BA Converse College, South Carolina


Solo Exhibitions
(April 2015) Senior Project Show
(August 2017 ) “West Coast Nostalgia” Textile Hall
(September 2017) “Coastline” Brooklyn Expo Center
(April 2019) “There’s More Here” Senior Exhibition

Group Exhibitions
(January 2016) “Strands” Student Group Show
(March 2017) “2017” Anderson Fine Arts Center
(September 2017) “The Other Art Fair” Brooklyn Expo Center
(November 2017) “100x100” Upstairs Artspace
(November 2018) “The Other Art Fair” Chicago
(September 2018) “Intersected” Magnolia Building
(February 2019) “Women in Art” - Spartanburg
(April 2019) Converse College Collegiate show

Murals (locations)
(2018) Ciclops Cidery and Brewery (St. John Street, Downtown Spartanburg)
(2018) Yogalicious Yoga Studio (Dunbar Street, Downtown Spartanburg)
(2018) Kindness Mural (Main street, Downtown Spartanburg)
(2018) The Kindred Spirits (N. Spring Street, Downtown Spartanburg)
(2019) Keowee Brewing company (Downtown Seneca)