Kazuaki Maitani

Kazuaki Maitani

Matsudo, Chiba, Japan

About Kazuaki Maitani

I have not been only making a number of paintings, but has also been concerned with the wide range of making, including wall painting, stores art and field of design such as making marks and logos. Moreover, at a design vocational school, he has been filling the position of a lecture of dessin, illustration, formative art and so on.

The characteristic of my works started from abstract expression like planar construction, where there is a circle or a sphere imaging the universe as a motif, and are recently moving to realistic expression with a real texture.

I am the current chairman of Seisu-Kai at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum.


I was born in Nagasaki of Japan, moved to Fukuoka, and lived there until guraduating from a high school. I started painting at the art club activity of the high school, and then learned art and painting in earnest at Tokyo Zokei Univercity.


Recently, I submitted my works to Japan Graphic Exhibition, Kodobijutu Exhibition, Chiba Exhibition, etc.
I have been submitting to Seisu Exhibition since 1998. Also, he submitted to AJAC Exhibition, TEPCO Enrgy Award Exhibition, Tokyo Art Collection Exhibition, Exhibition of R.Koiso Grand Prize, Chiba Prefecture Art Exhibition, etc.

On the other hand, I holded Joint Exhibition of Konoki Mikuo and Maitani at NAA Art Gallery, hosted two times, Planned Exhibition and Kakkoii Exhibition at Tokyo metoropolitan Theatre, submitted to Space 45 Degree Exhibition Vol.1 to Vol.5 at Gallery July, and holded Three People Exhibition "Mugen" at TEPCO Ginza-Kan.

At such exhibitions, I have ever winned the following prizes; Prize of Governor of Tokyo, Prize of Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Seisu Grand Prize, Turner Prize, Special Jury Prize, Prize of Korean Culture Chairperson at Seisu Exhibition, the first prize at TEPCO Energy Award Exhibition, Prize of Suprintendent of Education at Chiba Prefecture Art Exhibition; and was selected at the 8th and 9th R.Koiso Grand Prize.