Athens, Marousi, Greece


"Nature, light and colors inspire me the most. I follow the potentials of the materials, in a free, gestural process, which reminds of free associations in psychotherapy and meditation. I see one point and the whole, almost at the same time, again and again. I release and I hold, add and erase, again and again. I let my instinct and emotion flow, observing carefully how the elements of art communicate with each other; I form a composition that satisfies my aesthetic, emotional, and spiritual pursuit. What seems coincidence at the beginning is a product of systematic observation of every little detail and stroke study.

I usually use acrylic combined with pigments. I work layer after layer, creating transparencies, revealing the best textures and design elements; I bring into being a unique and mysterious atmosphere, in a dynamic and passionate manner, full of energy, close to abstract expressionism".

Maria Bacha is a Greek painter who obtained qualifications in psychology and psychotherapy before a strong inner desire to search for and discover things about the human soul led her to art. Since then, she's gathered inspiration from nature, colors and materials to compose a visual language marked by mind, body and spirit. Each of her paintings appears bright and optimistic, with visceral qualities and impressive clarity.

Maria Bacha was the Head Art Teacher for more than ten years at the Hatzivei Elementary School, she illustrated books for the Greek public school and she created many set designs for children's theatrical plays. She has focused totally in her art, as an independent full time artist, in the later four years. She is also a member of the Greek Chamber of Fine Arts.

Works by Bacha are in private collections worldwide and in the public collection of Greece. To date, her works have been shown at solo, group exhibitions and prestigious art fairs in Greece, London and Los Angeles.


2021 Certificate In Studio: Postwar Abstract Painting, MOMA
2003 Studies in drawing and color, Michalis Veloudios Art Studio
2000 B.A. in Fine/Studio Arts General, University of La Verne, California, USA
2000 Studies in Psychotherapy
1995 Studies in Child psychology


-March 2021-The Other Art Fair LA, Virtual Edition
-2019 - The Other Art Fair, Los Angeles, USA
-2019 - TheArtboxProject, Swiss Art Expo, Switzerland -2019 - "P3", Cheap Art- [anti]clastics -Ozon, Metropolitan Expo, Athens, Greece
-2019 - Talented Art Fair, Old Truman Brewery, London, United Kingdom
-2018 - 50/50 Project, Cheap Art Gallery, Thessaloniki International Fair, Greece
-2018 - 25/25 Project, Cheap Art Gallery, Thessaloniki International Fair, Greece
-2018 - “Cheap Art”, Thessaloniki International Fair, Greece
-2017 - "TheArtboxProject", Euroairport Basel, Switzerland


Group exhibitions:

-Summer 2020 - "Into the Deep", E Art Gallery, Paros, Greece
-2019 - Surprise X, The Project Gallery, Athens, Greece
-2018 - "Cheap Art", Cheap Art Gallery, Evagoras Lanitis Center, Cyprus
-2017 - "Cheap Art", Cheap Art Gallery, Athens, Greece
-2017 - "Surpise", ΓΗ Κ44, Athens
-2017 - "Cheap Art", Thessaloniki International Fair, Greece
-2015 - “Surprise”, Ennea Gallery, Athens
-2014 - “Surpise”, Romanzo, Athens
-“Surprise” , Tecnopolis, Athens (2013), (2012), (2011), (2010), (2009)
-2009 - “Athens Fringe Festival” , Technopolis, Athens
-2005 - “Diarroes Festival” , Horotheatro Roes, Athens
-2005 - “Kitsch in Love”, Rolling Gallery , Athens
-2005 - “The Mask”, Artprisma Gallery , Poros Municipality Town Hall, Unesco and Piraeus Municipality
-2001 - “1st Art Group”, Studio Michalis Veloudios, Εpoches Gallery, Kifissia, Athens

Solo exhibitions:

-2019 - "Celestial views", Institute of Fine Arts Tsichritzi, Kifissia, Athens (sponsored by Unesco)
-2008 - "Hydroexperiences", Galerie Privee Onnik, Marousi Athens
-2003 - "De Profundis", Artower Gallery , Athens
-2000 - "Cities and Hearts", Cogito , Kifissia , Athens